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Summary: As businesses evaluate how effectively they were able to adapt to the work-from-home requirements mandated by the COVID crisis, a logical segment to consider would be their contact centre operations. Organisations that chose hosted telephony services as against an on-premise system could successfully mobilise their workforce and maintain business continuity. Taking this success forward is the Smartflo offered by TTBS – an advanced hosted telephony service that future-proofs business communication by addressing all contact centres’ and internal departments’ needs.

From small enterprises to large and multinational firms, businesses leveraged digital solutions in various ways to keep running their operations when the global pandemic disrupted our lives in 2020. Virtual classes, work-from-home, online shopping, telemedicine and cashless payments soon became the ‘new normal’.

Amidst these waves of changes, they also realised the multiple benefits of digital transformation that they had to willingly or reluctantly initiate. Besides helping them maintain business continuity, the new-age tools used for communication and collaboration also brought in more agility, transparency, remote accessibility, ease of scalability and cost savings at work.

Communicating through the Cloud

Cloud has played a pivotal role for enterprises that embraced digital transformation to address the challenges brought by COVID, and one of its nifty applications is telephony.

With cloud-based communication, voice calls get routed through a hosted Internet system and do not need traditional telephonic infrastructure (although cloud telephony is also compatible with conventional phone systems).

The configuration works by breaking callers’ voice signals into small digital packets transmitted as data over the Internet, allowing them to speak to each other. A hosted PBX is used to route the calls.

Smartflo - Tata Tele business Services’ Cloud Communication Suite

With Smartflo – a tailored cloud telephony solution by Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) – you can build a streamlined work-from-home environment for your employees, wherein they can telecommunicate from any desktop or mobile device.

The tool also facilitates application programming interface (API) integration – for other cloud apps, enterprise email service and CRM tools – to enhance employee productivity.

Bespoke Features of TTBS Smartflo

Smartflo optimises internal collaboration for businesses that have remote workers and helps them offer better customer experiences through contact-centre operations.

Here’s how your organisation stands to benefit upon investing in this cloud communication suite: Communicate smartly, anytime-anywhere – Smartflo’s click-to-call aspect is a strategically embedded widget that allows callers to initiate a communication with just a click on the calling platform. When integrated with a business website, this feature helps you to connect with any visitor on your portal, enabling better responses to leads.

Greet and direct callers in the language they prefer – With the intelligent and personalised cloud-based IVR services, customers calling into a contact centre are greeted cordially with a welcome message in the language they choose to have a conversation in. Smartflo offers support for multiple Indian regional languages, in addition to Hindi and English.

Manage call queues effortlessly – The stream of incoming calls is easier to manage in a Smartflo-hosted contact centre than in an on-premise centre. The advanced interface displaying detailed customer information before an agent even answers the call facilitates the entire operation. The average call-handling time is reduced, and calls-in-waiting can be addressed faster.

Enhance productivity with automatic call distribution and sticky agents – Smartflo distributes incoming calls automatically to agents or business departments as per the caller’s inputs on IVR. It also has the ’sticky agents’ attribute that connects customers to familiar agents - whom they prefer talking to or have spoken to earlier and who know their query’s details. This helps in faster call resolution and generates improved customer experience.

Support agents at call disposition and notes building – Smartflo software’s inbuilt call disposition and notes make it simpler for agents to describe the outcome of every call they have handled. Sales and CRM managers can, in turn, use the notes to optimise their processes, boost revenues and improve customer experience.

Monitor agent status and barge into calls to assist them – With the TTBS Smartflo fuelling their contact centre operations, trainers and call quality analysts can conveniently barge into agents’ calls, no matter where they are working from. The solution also brings the Call Whispering feature that allows supervisors to guide agents verbally and discreetly during their interaction with the customer.

Record calls without additional hardware – Contact centre conversations need to be recorded for training, giving agents feedback on their performance and ensuring compliance. Smartflo-based operations streamline the process. With the recording feature integrated into the software, it only takes a click to collect the audio footage. The data storage remains securely encrypted, and the records can be stored for up to 12 days/months.

Keep dialling pattern predictive or progressive – Outbound call centres deploying Smartflo can benefit from the utilities of both predictive and progressive dialers. While a predictive dialer initiates outbound calls based on a preset dialling ratio, a progressive dialer places the calls only after the agent indicates his/her availability to handle the next call. Businesses can use either of the features as per their workloads and contact centre policies.

Gauge customer experience with sentiment analysis – Smartflo’s sentiment analysis feature helps businesses to assess the nature of their customers’ complaints/queries from voice calls, text messages, emails, and chat sessions. The interactions can then be handled by more efficient agents who are good at pacifying annoyed customers and at resolving concerns faster. Sentiment scores can also be calculated down to the agent level to identify best practices and coaching opportunities.

Have your own toll-free number with voicemail – TTBS’ Smartflo virtual telephony service comes with a toll-free 1800 number that gives a distinct brand identity to business contact details. It also offers voicemail services so that the enterprise can always respond to callers and allow them to leave a note during non-business hours.

Smartflo also allows businesses to set up rules for call screening before a person or a machine answers it. The warm and cold transfers enabled by the system help you to manage your call flows more productively and avoid nuisance calls that eat into your valuable time.

Making communication frictionless across industries

From IT/ITeS enterprises and e-commerce companies to manufacturers and BFSI organisations, any business that aims to make its external and internal communication more organised can capitalise upon the TTBS Smartflo.

In the digital age with widespread BYOD and WFH trends, Smartflo is a proven way to eliminate the costs involved in deploying and maintaining on-premise PBX systems. However, businesses that already have a PBX system can also utilise its components to deploy Smartflo in their offices.

Zero-CapEx and device-agnostic nature, versatile call management features, real-time monitoring and report analysis, pay-per-use billing, scalability, security, and high redundancy for quick disaster recovery are other benefits of this next-generation communication solution. TTBS also assures an SLA-backed uptime of 99.5%.

To know more about Smartflo and to order the service for your business, call us at 1800-266-1800.

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