Managed ILL to Build Connectivity for Remote Workforce of Manufacturing Companies

Summary:With a variety of data plans available from multiple service providers, online collaboration through mobile devices appears straightforward. However, when businesses such as manufacturing companies need to establish connectivity for their employees, they must also ascertain that the service is secure and speedy and can consistently support the usage of data-hungry cloud applications with an adequate bandwidth. The remotely accessible leased line service of Smart Internet Lease Line has been devised to meet precisely the same goals.

To fructify their investment in digital transformation and drive efficiencies at work, manufacturers must have an integrated online network that is accessible to all their employees. Effective management of data privacy and security are also critical requisites. The resources needed to build such connectivity need more attention in an age when bring-your-own-device (BYOD), mobility and remote work are common factors across industries, including the manufacturing sector.

In the wake of the changes brought for businesses by COVID-19, Hindustan Coca Cola ( gave the option of permanent work-from-home to its employees who do not have to be necessarily present at the physical location.

By using managed solutions, which do not require investments in expensive routers and other equipment for online connectivity, manufacturing companies can enable their teams to collaborate more effectively, irrespective of their work location. They can also continue to embrace added digital technologies to optimise administrative tasks and offer better experiences to their customers.

Smart Internet Lease Line devised by Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) is a managed Internet leased line (ILL) service that supports manufacturing companies in such digital transformation efforts. It is a secure and always-on data solution that’s remotely accessible without the installation of additional equipment at the users’ locations.

Why would your manufacturing enterprise need Smart Internet Lease Line?

Exchanging emails, transferring large files, corresponding through voice and video, and accessing data and applications in the cloud – your employees today need more bandwidth, speed and uptime on their Internet connection than ever before. However, basic services such as broadband that are shared by multiple subscribers in a neighbourhood cannot meet such demand effectively.

Your clients also expect quick insights into their orders, and your ability to respond to their queries promptly depends upon reliable data service.

Uncapped data, symmetrical speed and more efficiency

As a private and uncontended connection, our managed ILL gives your organisation reliable and dedicated bandwidth, helping employees to be more productive. They can use data-heavy enterprise applications without worrying about slowdowns and can communicate online with each other efficiently.

On this managed ILL service, you also get symmetrical upload and download speeds that allow users to transfer any amount of data quickly. When the time to send and receive files reduces from minutes to seconds and microseconds for hundreds of employees in a day, operational efficiency and enhanced productivity become measurable.

Plug & play solution across locations and devices

To get carrier-grade connectivity with high Quality of Service (QoS) and low latency, you no longer need investing in sophisticated routers and other on-premise equipment.

Smart Internet Lease Line is a zero-CapEx plug & play service works on all desktop and mobile devices. It also comes with last-mile benefits to reach any location. For a manufacturing company, this implies quick connectivity for work-from-home employees as also for its plants in remote industrial regions.

Secure and scalable

With Smart Internet Lease Line, you can easily deploy your virtual private network (VPN) tunnels for more online privacy and encryption in your daily tasks. It has firewall effectiveness of more than 99%. The TTBS team manages other security features to ensure that your online operations are fully protected against cyber threats. Smart Internet Lease Line comes with unified threat management (UTM) systems.

The fuss-free scalability of Smart Internet Lease Line is another aspect that makes it valuable for manufacturing companies. Whenever you expand your operations to new locations or augment the strength of your workforce, you simply need to buy more licenses. The service will be instantly extended to all additional users.

Cost benefits

In addition to the advantage of no expenses on hardware or equipment, the pay-per-use model and competitive tariffs of this handy ILL solution will help reduce the OpEx of your manufacturing company.

SLA-backed superior uptime for business continuity

If a majority of your employees are working from remote locations after the COVID pandemic, you must ensure seamless connectivity for them to maintain optimal productivity levels. Smart Internet Lease Line helps here with its standard uptime of 99.5% backed by the TTBS service level agreement (SLA) – it implies that QoS is not provided on a “best-effort” basis but is always maintained exactly as promised.

Just what your business needs

Consistent and reliable connectivity of an Internet Leased Line for a remote workforce is easy to procure with the TTBS Smart Internet Lease Line available in India. With this managed solution, you will keep up with your digital transformation journey and let your employees work from anywhere with the same privacy and efficiency that they experience in corporate office environments.

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