Ok, now I have ILL, what next? Insights into taking your company real time -with customers, suppliers, employees.

With its high speed and bandwidth, the ability to connect mutiple devices and features to effectively use SaaS and Big Data, An Internet Leased Line makes it possible for businesses to keep improving their productivity and customer service in real time.

What Is Next after Deploying Your Internet Leased Line?

Take Your Company into Real Time – With Employees, Customers and Supplies

Businesses today are not limited by regions. They can set up their bases wherever they have a market and establish their back-office services where they find a talented workforce and cost advantage. To keep employees in different areas well-connected with each other and with customers, the only requirement today is seamless Internet connectivity – the fundamental element of emails, web chats, video conferencing and social media. With an Internet Leased Line, your business is assured of a highspeed and high-bandwidth connection, and you don’t have to share it with any other subscriber.

It feels great when your business is expanding. There is an incremental revenue flow, and you are ready to start multiple offices to handle the additional orders from customers. To keep up with this expansion, you may also need to make some changes in your IT infrastructural setup.

If you had started your company at home or in a small workplace with less than 20 employees, a basic fibre-based broadband and Wi-Fi connection might have been enough. These would provide Internet connectivity for necessary applications such as email, messaging apps, company website and business apps. However, once the number of employees and locations increase, you need to look for other cost-effective and flexible options to keep your workforce connected with each other, with clients and with vendors. That’s when organisations consider more advanced connectivity options, including an Internet Leased Line (ILL).

Your company can use a leased line to connect offices that are geographically distant. A leased line is available for a fixed monthly subscription fee and is always active. The connection usually provided over fibre is not shared with anyone, and you get high upload and download speeds as well as a good bandwidth.

Benefits of High-Speed, High-Bandwidth Internet Connection with Leased Lines

High-speed Internet is a boon for any business today. In their daily operations, slow or mediocre Internet speed does not seem to be an issue for most companies. If the employees complete their tasks and the clients keep flowing in, an enterprise might think there is no hurdle. When slow Internet or downtime caused by lost connectivity affects the productivity, businesses realise how their operations and potential profits can suffer.

If you have already opted for the ILL with all its advantages, congratulations! Here are some of the tangible benefits your company is set to enjoy:

Improved Productivity and Better Communication with Customers in Real Time

Once you have an ILL connection, the online collaboration between workers in different offices and communication with suppliers and customers become easier. Your employees can upload and download files efficiently and participate in smooth online chats and video conferencing. They can toggle between tasks, and the interlinking of departments also becomes simpler. The customer service teams can post quick replies on social media to the concerns of existing and potential customers. This is even more important for B2C companies to maintain their brand image since they must address queries or complaints in real time and not let negative reviews go viral.

Ease of Moving the Business Activities to Cloud

For small and medium enterprises, it can be costly and time-consuming to store their data and apps on internal servers. Alternatively, if you have a leased line-enabled high-speed Internet, you can move many of your processes and files to the cloud. This is an opportunity for potential savings and can boost the bottom line. Ensure that you deploy strong firewalls and other procedures to keep your information safe in the cloud space.

Ability to Connect More Devices

Businesses typically plan their bandwidth requirements around the number of workstations (desktop computers) and printers installed in their office. But laptops, tablets, smartphones, VoIP phones and other systems need Internet connection too. The flexible bandwidth provisions of ILL allow you to connect the extra devices without affecting the functioning of other computers in the network.

Opportunities to Capitalise upon New Software Systems and Big Data

Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offer many benefits over conventional methods of enterprise software installation. Your business can use these technologies only with fast, uninterrupted Internet connection. Big data is another potential force that businesses are leveraging to understand their customers better and to develop more relevant product and services. However, to derive actionable insights from big data, you need advanced software frameworks such as Hadoop, which works efficiently with high-speed Internet. This is another area where ILL will help your organisation.

As your industry grows with more players, you are challenged to ensure more streamlined business operations, increased productivity and improved customer service. By efficiently connecting you to the Internet, leased lines play an important role in your organisation and help you to improve your collaboration in real time. This is crucial for enterprises today.

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