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Smart Hosted PBX

SIP Trunks A Telephony Solution to Leverage High Internet Bandwidth of Manufacturing Companies

Summary: When a deadly pandemic forced global companies to rethink their approach to business, digital connectivity and communication gained unprecedented significance. From cloud applications to web conferencing, organisations had to consider tools that can connect their employees on a shared network. In this scenario, the flexibility of SIP-based hosted PBX solution can even permit their contact centre workers to call customers securely from their homes.

The coronavirus crisis has dramatically impacted a number of industries across the world. It led to countrywide lockdowns, stoppage of production cycles, and disruption of supply chains. As the world around them began changing rapidly, companies had to deal with three key imperatives:

  • Caring for the health and safety of their workforce
  • Restoring service operations for customers in minimum time
  • Maintaining promised service level agreements (SLAs) for customers

In the new circumstances, several businesses had to mull over the possibilities of long-term or even permanent work-from-home regimes for their employees. Many organisations leveraged web conferencing tools to keep their teams connected and enable sharing of files for business continuity. However, BPOs and businesses with contact centre operations had more concerns about data security and the effect on productivity owing to lack of appropriate infrastructure and/or lack of call monitoring.

For such companies, it was essential to bring their employees on a secure private network and provide a sound infrastructure for continual calling operations from the areas where they reside.

In the absence of connectivity through on-premise servers, the best way to achieve this was to shift to cloud-based work platforms that not only provide more flexibility for work but can also help with increased automation for better productivity levels.

Smart Hosted PBX for Outbound Call Connect

To support businesses where outbound calling operations are critical for customer support and lead generation, Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) has launched the Smart Hosted PBX service. Enabled by session initiation protocol (SIP), it lets users connect to any Internet service and use the SIP technology to make calls.

How is the service used from homes?

For the agents in an outbound calling team, the first step to using the Smart Hosted PBX is to log in to the call patch application of this service. Once it connects them to the central dashboard and dialler, they can start using the click-to-call option that initiates calls to the customers or leads assigned to them. The browser used by the agents on any desktop or mobile device enables this click-to-call service.

How many agents can support the calling operations?

There is no upper limit for the number of agents who can use the Smart Hosted PBX service. However, the maximum number of agents who can be on calls simultaneously gets limited by the number of channels purchased by your organisation. Generally, to allow 100 agents on concurrent calls, the business needs 200 channels.

Special features and benefits

As a hosted solution, this SIP-enabled PBX outbound calling platform comes with bespoke features and benefits associated with cloud-based tools. TTBS has customised it further to make the analysis of your contact centre’s performance easier.

The key features of Smart Hosted PBX include:


You can continue to expand your calling operations from remote locations. The number of licenses for this cloud-hosted PBX can be increased from 50 to 500 at short notices. There is no CapEx involved in the scaling of licenses as the list of agents using this virtual phone infrastructure expands.

Call recording

Call quality analysis is a key practice in contact centre operations to bring constant improvements in interactions with customers. Even if your agents are calling from home, Smart Hosted PBX enables you to keep track of their conversations with call recordings. Quality analysts can listen to the calls and play them back while giving feedback to agents.

Call Masking and open APIs

There are many instances wherein clients would want to maintain privacy of end customer’s numbers w.r.t the agents who are making the outbound calls. Hence, we provide the option to the admin to partially mask customer mobile numbers from agent dashboards.

In addition to this, we have made 6 different APIs open on our platform so that clients can integrate them with their existing CRM software. Our Solution teams will be able to effectively handhold them during the integration.


The real-time reports and visually rich dashboards that keep a record of your calling operations help in improving employee efficiency as also business decision-making. Our virtual PBX has been tailored to make analytics simpler and informative as more and more employees need to work from remote locations.

A future-ready solution

BPOs, BFSI companies and other businesses that need to frequently contact their customers for secure, one-to-one telephonic conversations had thus far felt no need to implement remote working systems. However, COVID-19 hit every vertical, and those that modified their approach and embraced digitalisation methodically are thriving. The largely unpredictable future scenario of work makes such solutions more valuable.

As India’s leading enabler of business connectivity and communication solutions, Tata Tele Business services designed the Smart Hosted PBX to support companies that need to interact actively with their customers for better services. To know more about this SIP-enabled telephony system, please call us at 1800-266-1800.

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