Digital transformation solutions firm enabled to deliver efficiently


Smart VPN


Digital transformation solutions firm enabled to deliver efficiently

digital transformation solutions firm enabled to deliver efficiently


The customer provides complete digital transformation solutions for businesses to become future-ready. The services included business consulting, contact centre and Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU). 


The customer was looking for a partner to connect their three locations with a cost-effective, flexible solution, allowing for uninterrupted and secure connectivity.

The entire solution, including voice communication between locations, was to be managed by the partner.


TTBS deployed a Smart VPN, MPLS, with any to any topology network for the customer, linking the locations for voice and application connectivity. A centralised Internet was set up and made available at Spoke locations, making the overall solution scalable while providing a steady network.

Business Benefits

  • Cost-effective and Scalable: The centralised Internet available at remote locations and the MPLS solution, which did not require any firewall, reduced the CapEx. The network allowed for scalability at any stage of the customers’ growth.
  • Improved efficiency: Seamless connectivity across locations and better latency allowed for faster work and better efficiency. Voice connectivity enabled ease of communication.
  • Improved Accessibility : QoS with MPLS provided ease of accessibility of all applications on the network across locations.
  • Managed Services : The customer was relieved of all system maintenance and services.

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