Fintech company enjoys Increased Productivity on a Secured Connection


Smart VPN


Fintech company enjoys Increased Productivity on a Secured Connection

fintech company enjoys improved productivity on a secured connection


The customer is a fintech solution provider enjoying extensive relationships with India’s leading cooperative banks and private sector banks.


The customer was looking for a complete solution to connect their five locations with a reliable, cost-effective, scalable and flexible solution. The solution should provide safe, uninterrupted access to applications from their multiple locations.


TTBS provided the customer with an independent, unmanaged MPLS Smart VPN with Hub and Spoke Topology solution.
The solution made the core banking solution (CBS) application accessible to all five branches on a secured connection with a hybrid last-mile provision.

Business Benefits

  • Secure connectivity: MPLS provided safe connectivity linking all the locations.
  • Improved efficiency: The core banking application was available at all branches which led to faster performance.
  • Additional security: In compliance with RBI requirements, an IPSEC VPN on the MPLS provided a safer network.
  • Scalable solution : Additions to the network was made possible for future growth.

Solution Architecture:


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