Healthcare Solutions Provider Achieves Swift, Reliable Voice Connectivity


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Healthcare Solutions Provider Achieves Swift, Reliable Voice Connectivity

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The customer is a dynamic company with over 100 years of leadership in medical imaging. They provide solutions that enhance productivity and help deliver better patient care.


The customer required a secure and reliable voice connectivity solution that ensured redundancy and uninterrupted calling. They needed a total of 200 channels, and the solution should support 100 concurrent calls with an auto-failover mechanism. They were looking for a simple voice infrastructure with better uptime and SLA.


  • TTBS delivered SIP Trunk over Ethernet with Synchronous Data Hierarchy (SDH) ring architecture.
  • SIP Trunk would be terminated over customer SBC from the last mile.
  • TTBS provided two SIP Trunks with 100 channels each, which terminated over separate SBCs to ensure redundancy.
  • 200 Direct Inward Dialling (DIDs) were evenly divided – 100 on each trunk. 
  • Bandwidth for both trunks supported collective aggregate for concurrency.
  • Our SIP Trunk is a P2P circuit with /30 IP address assigned. The same IP address was assigned to the NIC interface of the customer’s PBX. 
  • Codec on both trunks was configured along the internationally approved G.711 A law.
  • Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) method followed RFC 2833. 
  • “P-Preferred-Identity” header was included in all SIP INVITEs for correct DID CLIP display on the outgoing calls
  • DID no. sending (DNIS) on SIP INVITE “To” header on incoming calls.
  • Keep-alive mechanism was made available through SIP OPTIONS. The expected response was SIP 200 OK from the CPE device.   
  • TTBS provided user login credentials to the customer

Business Benefits

  • Redundancy of multiple PRI cards due to SIP Trunk provided by a single service provider
  • 100% concurrency due to better solution bandwidth, leading to uninterrupted calling
  • A reliable solution that’s also scalable on the same trunk
  • SLA-backed voice services
  • Call establishment time lower by more than 30% compared to PRI

Solution Architecture:


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