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Scalability of Operations,WAN under Single Service Provider

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Based in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, the customer is a leading automobile dealer of Maruti cars with exclusive showrooms in Ahmednagar and the nearby town Shrirampur.


The automobile dealer was using Internet broadband from a local operator, which was causing frequent delays with more latency in connecting to each site. They were also experiencing outages in Internet link which was disrupting the services. It was tedious for the auto dealer to manage links with a high risk of security threats from unethical hackers.

The customer was looking for a single service provider to manage and operate the Wide Area Network (WAN) under the single service provider. The auto dealer also wanted to achieve scalability of operations as the site was increasing year-on-year, which required adding to the existing MPLS network. The customer was also looking to build latency and security as the network was private operating on Internet Service Provider (ISP) backbone resulting in low latency and high security.


As our existing customer for years, the company was aware of our network infrastructure capabilities across India. The customer had pure data applications to be accessed across all showroom sites. The solution provided by TTBS involved:

  • Proposing any-to-any topology with 100% Class of Service
  • Proposing TTBS un-managed MPLS to bring flexibility in management
  • Ensuring all the four sites are feasible on-net, that is, TTBS MPLS network, either on wired/wireless with scalability on bandwidth as per the customer’s requirement
  • Preparing a solution document based on the customer’s business requirement and sharing with them
  • Setting up multiple interlocks with the customer’s technical team to understand the complete LAN setup
  • Designing and sharing Local Area Network Internet Protocol (LAN IP) pool with the customer
  • Ensuring that they could use the LAN IP pool across each site
  • Ensuring end-to-end order login process for all four sites
  • Shipping the Customer’s Premises Equipment (CPE) /router on time across all four sites for managed services


The engagement enabled the customer in:

  • Achieving scalability of operations as the site was increasing year-on-year, which required adding to the existing MPLS network
  • Developing latency and security on a private network operating on Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Managing and operating WAN under a single service provider

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