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Centralised ERP access Implemented for Electrical Testing Equipment Manufacturer

VPLS Solution Helps Implement Centralised SAP Access for Electrical Testing Equipment Manufacturer


Located in Nashik, the customer is an R&D and IoT company, with a strong presence in the electrical test and measurement field. They design and manufacture high-precision electrical test and measurement equipment.


The customer wanted to connect their two offices and implement centralised SAP, Messenger and Tally access. They sought reliable connectivity with better uptime and stringent SLA parameters with the desired CoS and minimum latency.

The customer was looking for Layer 2 services as they did not want to change their IP subnets. They already had a few applications that could run in a single subnet. Furthermore, the customer did not want to advertise their LAN details with the service provider.

Tata Tele Business Services Solution

TTBS used their L2 MPLS VPN/VPLS solution to connect both the customer offices as Hub and Spoke. The solution provided is part of TTBS’s Unmanaged Services.

A centralised Internet breakout was provided from the Hub location, and pseudo wires were used between PE and CE to connect all the locations. The customer provided the router to connect VPLS links at all the locations.

Business Benefits

By providing its VPLS Solution, TTBS ensured that the customer did not need to change their IP subnet. This circumvented the hassle of changing their larger IT infrastructure. The applications operating in the same subnet continued operating as before in VPLS. There was also a significant saving of cost in terms of hardware as well as IT infrastructure for the customer.

Solution Architecture:

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