Prominent Fintech company improves in-house productivity with IVR system


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Prominent Fintech company improves in-house productivity with IVR system

prominent fintech company improves in house productivity with ivr system


The customer is a fintech company involved in providing payment gateway solutions to online businesses through its cutting edge and award-winning technologies. In India, they serve more than 450,000 merchants with over 100+ payment methods and are the preferred payment partner for 60% of the e-commerce players.


The customer needed an always-on platform to service their in-house admin/HR/legal staff so that they could be reached effectively in a work-from-home scenario. Along with this, they also needed centralised reporting of all call details for tracking calls made to different departments. They further needed recordings of at least a month’s calls so that they could listen and audit the conversations.


  • TTBS devised a custom IVR with menu options designed especially for hassle-free routing of calls to the right departments.
  • We also enabled professionally recorded audio prompts for this application.
  • IVR support was provided to the employees on a 24x5 basis, with out-of-office and holiday prompts.
  • Detailed reports were provided for each call, enabling our customer to view timestamps and call duration.
  • The option of call conversation recording was also provided, allowing the admin to listen to and download the conversation for record-keeping and auditing.
  • A web portal was provided to the portal admin with the facility to change audio prompts, change the department termination numbers, view reports and listen to/download the call recording files if needed.

Business Benefits

  • Improved communication within the company between departments, directly increasing productivity
  • Easy tracking of calls via detailed call reports
  • Process improvement enabled with the potential to close loop training

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