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When it comes to setting up a new office for your business, there are a lot of variables that come into play. Thankfully there is now a solution that tackles all of these variables and provides a single, unified answer that takes care of your data and voice connectivity and application needs- SmartOffice®. This single box solution eliminates the need for multiple touch points in the form of (haggling with multiple) vendors and negates the infrastructure cost concern for frequent (new) reinstallations. SmartOffice® – a one-box start up offering optimum connectivity solutions with future-proof technology.



There are certain niggling questions that pop up when you’re planning to set up your new office.

As a start point I need high speed internet and ability to make and receive voice calls. For this do I need to talk to multiple vendors? Will there be different partners for Voice and Data? What happens if I relocate my office next year? What about wiring and telephone instrument costs? How long will it take to get the service up and running? I don’t have all the time in the world. How can I ensure consistent speed at all times? I need a reliable vendor; can’t afford to run around when connectivity goes down indefinitely.

To these questions and problems, there’s a very simple set of solutions: Ideally one needs all of the things below:

  • A single solution that does it all

  • No CAPEX or Annual Maintenance Charge. I need a cost-effective solution.

  • No risk of obsolesce- I can’t keep upgrading hardware.

  • Certified hardware, storage & applications from enterprise solution leaders

  • A single point of contact for support on access, applications, and hardware issues

  • Scalable & transparent plans

But how does one get all of this in one place? Here’s how:


SmartOffice® is a one-box start-up offering optimum, integrated connectivity solutions. It unboxes avenues of communication & management for your business.

Here’s how it works

  • One Box, Many Uses – Saving you the trouble of reaching out to multiple vendors

  • Support Across Devices – Giving you zero compatibility issues with a softphone solution that transcends across devices.

  • Last Mile Connectivity – End to end delivery with no pitfalls or delays

  • Plug-N-Play – No complicated setup process

  • SLA-Backed – Ensuring optimum quality of services

  • Reliable Bandwidth – Letting you scale up and down as you wish

  • Future-proof – No obsolescence to any future tech

  • Economical – Giving your business the right tools without breaking the bank

Who can use SmartOffice®

SmartOffice® is ideal for any business that has up to 70 employees. If your business is in need of enterprise-grade connectivity with a single point solution, it’s just what you need. This solution is ideally suited for someone who is setting up a small office or is upgrading from a legacy infrastructure. What's more? You can also enjoy free product bundles with Smart Office like Toll Free with free call recording feature, Audio & Web Conferencing and access to CRM tools.

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