SLA details for PRI and SIP Trunk

Tata Teleservices Ltd or Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Ltd (hereafter referred as TTL) shall offer below parameters as part of SLA

  1. Service Availability
    • "Service Availability" shall mean an average network uptime excluding the periods of downtime as mentioned hereunder Exclusions (Valid Down Time (min)) over SLA on a quarterly basis. TTL commits to maintain Service Availability of >=99.5% every calendar quarter. Service Availability will be calculated as per the formula given below at every quarter of a calendar year:
      For the first quarter post activation, number of days would be calculated on prorata basis.

  2. MTTR (Mean Time to Repair)
    • MTTR” shall mean an average time taken by TTL to close all complains related to downtime, faults and/or service unavailability reported by the Customer. TTL shall provide services with MTTR of 4 hrs measured during the calendar quarter.

    • In case, Service Availability is less than 99.5% (or downtime is more than 0.5%), TTL shall provide Service Credits to Customer as given in the below table:
      Service Availability Service Credit
      >99.5% No service credit
      >99.0% and < 99.5% 1 day rental
      > 98.5% and < 99.0% 2 days rental
      >97.5% and < 98.5% 3 days rental
      < 97.5% 4 days rental
    • EXCLUSIONS: Either one or more of the following causes, wholly or partly, shall be excluded while calculation of Service Availability.
      1. If there is no complete service outage and the customer is able to make any outgoing call or receive incoming call.
      2. Call drops and voice clarity.
      3. Not able to make outgoing calls to particular number/ operator/ country.
      4. Failure to notify the Customer care and raise the Trouble Ticket for Service disruption. Service credit will be given only if complain is raised with the Customer care or trouble ticket is raised.
      5. Any act or omission of Customer or any of its agents, contractors or vendors.
      6. Periods where faults are due to “Customer Equipment or any Customer error.”
      7. Planned maintenance and associated events for which agreed notification was given to Customer.
      8. Non availability of power supply or other deficiency in the infrastructure provided by Customer.
      9. Faults reported by Customer but no fault is found or confirmed by TTL.
      10. Trouble tickets related to new installations, plan change and shifting of the Services.
      11. TTSL or its agents are not allowed an access to the Customer Equipment or the premises where the access lines are terminated. Periods where Customer was inaccessible to confirm the Service condition after fault clearance by TTL.
      12. Customer’s scheduled maintenance.
      13. Any service degradation or outage caused by third party last-mile connectivity or by local access facilities ordered directly by Customer.
      14. Disconnection/s or temporary suspensions due to failure to meet payment obligations by Customer.
      15. Periods where interruptions are caused by events beyond TTL control, incidents of disaster, arson, act of govt. authorities and Force Majeure.
      16. Construction of additional facilities which are required in order to connect the Customer's premises to the TTL’s Network and/or the Local Loop(s).
      17. Changes to Service where such changes are initiated at Customer's request.
      18. Periods where Services have been restored by other alternate means.
      19. Downtime is considered if the connectivity is down for more than 15 minutes after the Customer has been issued a complaint number.
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