10 reasons why small businesses need a GSM EPABX



GSM EPABX is a connectivity solution for businesses that harnesses the potential of wireless technology

Modern businesses are dynamic in nature, and do not necessarily operate from the urban business districts, or the most connected parts of cities. With digital business, the possibilities are endless and a presence in these regions is no longer necessary.

GSM EPABX is a connectivity solution for digital businesses that harnesses the potential of wireless technology to provide voice connectivity in the most remote parts of the country. So why should any business consider GSM EPABX for its connectivity needs? Here are 10 reasons:

  • Completely wireless: GSM EPABX provides carrier-grade connectivity over the wireless spectrum.
  • Zero CAPEX: The pay-as-you-go model allows businesses to have access to state-of-the-art equipment without the burden of investment in infrastructure.
  • Assured connectivity: Service engineers confirm signal strength on-site, and only on their approval is the GSM EPABX provided.
  • Portability: A single unit connects the office to the wireless spectrum.
  • Rapid deployment: As there is no dependence on wireline infrastructure the solution can be setup quickly.
  • Automated routing: The solution can be setup to automatically route calls to designated extensions.
  • Multiple channels: A minimum of 4x8 and a maximum of 8x16 channels can be setup via a single GSM EPABX connection.
  • Monthly rental: Businesses need to pay only monthly rentals which include the cost for the infrastructure.
  • Suited for project offices and remote locations: As the solution depends completely on wireless infrastructure, it can easily be used to connect locations around the country.
  • Wireline functionality over wireless spectrum: Features such as call forward, call waiting and call transfer are all available through GSM EPABX.

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