Five Reasons to Choose ILL for your Business



For a business, the Internet is a medium not just to send emails and use essential collaboration apps but also to operate multiple IT tools and perform actions in the cloud. This is why a basic broadband connection is not sufficient for its requirements. An Internet Leased Line (ILL) comes with customised features that fulfil business needs more effectively.

High-speed Internet connectivity is one of the first requirements of any business in this digital age. In most countries including India, there are plenty of options with customised business plans to connect multiple devices to the Internet. Many organisations think in terms of fibre broadband connections while making this decision, and its limitations in serving business needs are only realised later.

While a plain broadband setup may feel sufficient for Internet use from home and in a small office with fewer than ten employees, the enterprises with more complex needs must have better technology. A service more advanced than broadband is also necessary when the business operations involve running of multiple applications for customer interaction, web conferencing and constant monitoring of e-commerce sites.

ILL has evolved as a more upgraded solution for businesses that seek round-the-clock, seamless Internet connectivity for multiple processes in their offices. It connects two locations and is a reserved, private circuit between them. There is a fixed subscription fee paid on a monthly or yearly basis for this always-on Internet connection.

Here are five characteristics of ILL that make it a suitable option for commercial operations involving the Internet:

High Speeds without Any Contention

Contention, in simple terms, is when network access is shared by many parties. In a broadband connection, the cable reaching your premises also networks into other buildings in the vicinity. Even if you have a 40 Mbps broadband connection, the actual speed during your usage will depend on the number of other users accessing the Internet at the same time.

An ILL, on the other hand, is your private connection where there is no sharing with anyone else. So, even if it is a 20 Mbps line, you use the exact promised speed because there is no contention with other users. You can be sure that the performance of Internet connectivity will never have an adverse impact on the productivity of your business.

Low Latency

Latency is a term referring to the delays that can happen while processing data on an Internet connection. Fibre-based leased lines remove most of the network latency problems that users of wired Internet face. These particularly include the latency in uploading, downloading and streaming high-definition videos. With the lower latency rate afforded by ILL, business users can achieve:

  • Superior voice quality for VoIP applications
  • Uninterrupted downloading of large files
  • Ease of moving data and apps to the cloud
Access to Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing has evolved as a valuable technology for enterprises and is providing a range of solutions for data storage and CRM. Cloud is a useful platform for running and hosting of apps and other essential business functions. The efficient working of cloud computing calls for high speed and bandwidth, and that is precisely what an ILL provides.

With ILL, your business can get faster access to data and apps stored in a public or private cloud. There are no delays in accessing any information hosted in the cloud. An organisation can, therefore, enable seamless communication with its customers, employees and stakeholders. Any business that is serious about adopting cloud solutions must have a fibre-based ILL to establish Internet connectivity.

Symmetrical Speed

An Internet connection with ‘symmetrical speed’ has identical upload and download speeds. This particular characteristic of ILL makes it the right choice for businesses.

Although this symmetrical speed may not be necessary for all operations, it is undoubtedly an advantage for them. As an example, your employees may have to upload large video files regularly or perhaps on VoIP calls with customers while also downloading some content. In such cases, they need an Internet connection that lets them complete all actions without any interruptions. Heavy demands on both downloads and uploads can be effectively met when the speed is symmetrical.

Cost Savings

When high-speed Internet fuels the apps and software systems in the daily operations of a business, the productivity of employees stays high. The high bandwidth, fast and symmetrical speed, low latency and low jitter of ILL together help companies save lakhs of rupees that they can otherwise lose due to downtime and productivity loss.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, a fibre leased line adds more scalability and flexibility to business processes. If there is a need to add more applications and solutions in the cloud, they get readily supported by an ILL.

All advantages of ILL are further supported by the fact that it comes with a written Service Level Agreement (SLA). This contract implies that the service provider is legally liable to provide exactly what is promised for your business. The speed, bandwidth and other factors related to the service are documented in the SLA.

ILL is a bespoke solution offered by Tata Tele Business Services, and we have developed long-term relationships with some of the most progressive organisations using our leased line connections. To know more about the service, contact a sales rep and feel free to get all your queries answered.

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