5 Safe Ways to Connect to Cloud Applications

Are you aiming for a hybrid cloud infrastructure that merges your private network with a leading cloud service provider safely and reliably? This post discusses five of the safest ways of doing so.

While most enterprises currently are concerned about the public cloud, the future of the cloud is expected to be ruled by hybrid infrastructure. As per a recent Gartner report, 90% of the organisations will shift to hybrid infrastructure management by 2020.

With the growing popularity of the hybrid cloud, the need for securely connecting public and private data centres will grow too. The solutions to connect to cloud applications need to be robust, fast and reliable. They also need to be highly secure to keep business data protected at all times. Indeed, there are already multiple options for enterprises wanting to connect to cloud applications.

If you are looking for a safe solution as well, these are five of the top options.

1. Direct Connect
With the help of direct connect services, you can have a dedicated network connection with a cloud service provider like AWS and Azure. As compared to VPN, direct connections are known to offer considerably higher bandwidth. If you operate from multiple locations, direct connect service will require the installation of routers at each of the colocations. Most service providers serve several international locations too.

2. VPN
VPN or Virtual Private Network is also a simple and affordable way to connect to cloud applications. Cloud service providers offer native VPN or VPN appliances through the control panel of their network services. The services generally support many different devices like OS-powered VPN services and solutions, VPN concentrators and so on. A major benefit of VPN is that most service providers do not have a minimum commitment requirement for data transfers. This makes VPN a highly affordable option.

3. VPN Gateway or Software VPN
Using software VPN gateway is also a popular way to connect to cloud applications. Most of these gateways have resizable cloud computing capacity to enable easy scaling. Moreover, you could also use any marketplace or software solution on these connections. If you want to have a consistent connection to your colocations, VPN gateway can be a reliable option. The service allows you to create a backbone for your global operations and connect to virtual private cloud in multiple locations.

Multiprotocol Label Switching or MPLS mechanism directs as well as carries your data between network nodes. With MPLS-based VPN, it is easier for enterprises to build virtual links in nodes that are located at vast distances. MPLS VPN is a preferred option for enterprises that use many different types of network protocols. The service is protocol-independent and highly scalable. It helps in eliminating the need for any particular data link layer technologies like frame relay, ATM, Ethernet or SONET.

5. Telco Managed
Many telecommunication companies now offer many different types of managed services that are generally based on the direct connect service. In most cases, the service providers bundle your network connectivity to the network of your cloud provider. A significant advantage of this managed service is that the enterprises get several connectivity options to choose from. For instance, they can provide MPLS VPN as well as Internet VPN connectivity to your preferred cloud service provider.

Connecting to Cloud Applications with Utmost Safety and Convenience
Tata Tele Business Services offers Secure Connect – a service for connecting private networks to cloud service providers. The service privatises public cloud networks and improves its security while also proactively monitoring the connection to provide you with the best cloud experience. By enabling easy transition between the cloud and your private network and offering faster data transfers, it provides utmost convenience to enterprises while also ensuring complete data privacy and cost savings.

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