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The quality of customer service lays the foundation for business success. Organisations that have an online presence can instantly gratify their customers if they have a real-time digital solution to support them. This is precisely what live chat does. It is also an effective way to capture leads and improve marketing efforts.

Speed matters the most in the online world. Consumers paying their utility bills digitally expect instant acknowledgement and update of the payment on their account. Shoppers using E-commerce stores want to track the status of their orders in real time. And when your customers use the online medium to send a query or complaint, they want it to be addressed in minimum time. However, things don’t always transpire as anticipated.

An e-mail may be acknowledged by a robotic response, but its actual content can take 12-24 hours to be read by an executive, and only then can an appropriate response be sent. Research also shows that it usually takes an average of 10 hours to read and respond to complaints posted on social media platforms.

Delays in responding to customers’ requests, queries and concerns can cause you to lose them. The simplest way to quicken response time in the digital world is live chat.
Here are seven reasons that make it important to incorporate a live chat service on your website:

1. Enhances customer experience
The speed of response is the key factor that makes live chat a better option than emails and social media. Even traditional phone support becomes ineffective when hundreds of calls get queued. Customers do not like to wait and get annoyed when they have to key in loads of information on the IVR. If there is an option to chat with an available customer service representative, they can get all their queries resolved and have a written record of the answers provided.

By providing a live chat option in addition to toll-free numbers and email address, your business gives customers multiple options to contact your team. This facility, in turn, improves their experience with your brand

2. Increases conversions and sales
When visitors browse through your web portal and are planning to purchase from you, they may also have some questions about the chosen product/service. With a live chat service, you can address their queries and concerns immediately – when the prospect is still on your website.

The customers who have an urgent need and are ready to make a purchase will do so immediately after chatting with a support agent and getting their doubts cleared satisfactorily.

3. Gives instant access to customer service from anywhere across the world
A business may have its customer base in numerous cities and even in different countries. Live chat makes it easier to connect with them and provide instant support. Instead of setting up offices in different regions, your business can simply incorporate a chat service on its portal and converse with customers in real time. Customers only need Internet access to reach the service. If your website is also mobile-friendly, they can even interact with support associates through their smartphones.

4. Makes troubleshooting and service support easier
At times, buyers of a product or service need customer support only to get some details or guidance on its usage. As an example, a customer who has purchased software from your organisation and is not able to install it may seek guidance. It could take a lot of time to help them on the phone or through email.

On the other hand, if there is a technical associate who can provide step-by-step instructions to this customer on live chat, he/she will be able to understand the process more comprehensively. Screenshots and links to knowledge articles can also be sent in real time with live chat.

5. Improves marketing efforts
An enterprise that wants to drive traffic to its website invests time and money in content marketing and SEO. However, such efforts will not yield results if the leads are not captured effectively. With live chat software, a business can greet its web visitors with customised messages and engage them instantly.

It also helps the customer understand your promotional offers and discounts better. As an example, if you are running a 40% discount on your online clothing store, you can set a greeting like ‘Thank you for your visit. Would you like to know more about our current discount offer?’ You may even use different messages on different pages to help customers understand specific segments of the website.

6. Helps in reducing costs for customer support
The CapEx for setting up a call centre is high. It includes the charges of equipment and sourcing trunks for calls. With live chat, these costs can be minimised. It also lowers the demand for phone support.

Furthermore, an experienced chat service agent can interact with two to three customers simultaneously, and that increases team productivity. Handling multiple queries is not feasible on phone call support.

7. Strengthens business credibility
Consumers are apprehensive about buying products from businesses they are unfamiliar with. In a brick-and-mortar store, they can talk to a representative directly and develop more faith in the transaction. This, however, is not possible on a website unless there is a human to talk to in real time. Live chat makes that possible. It can help to bridge the gap between offline and digital purchases.

With a live chat service, you can build and strengthen your business credibility. It puts both you and your customer in a win-win situation.

The Live Chat application offered by Tata Tele Business Services helps businesses to stay connected with their website visitors in real time for both lead-capturing and customer support. To know more about the service, call us at 1800-266-1800.

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