9 Reasons to Use Hosted IVR with Your Customer Service Ops


Hosted IVR

9 Reasons to Use Hosted IVR with Your Customer Service Ops

Summary: The IVR has become a primary component of business contact centres. With abilities to identify, segment and route callers to appropriate resources, it not only enhances the customer experience but also improves agent productivity while reducing operational expenditure.

When customers dial up a business, they want their voices to be heard and issues to be resolved in minimum time. The first impressions created in a call can make or mar a brand’s customer experience. This is why contact centres receiving hundreds of calls every day use an interactive voice response (IVR) system as the first touchpoint for support.

As a telephony menu system, an IVR offers callers a series of options to service their inquiries. It then uses their dial-pad or voice-based responses to identify, segment and route them to the most appropriate resources.

The hosted IVR (HIVR) designed by Tata Tele Business Services is a cloud-based application that significantly reduces the costs and improves the efficiency of a company’s customer services.

Here are nine top benefits that you get on integrating this IVR service with your contact centre operations:

1- Easy to Deploy and Manage

The cloud-oriented HIVR can be used with a range of business telecommunication systems and does not need sophisticated hardware for deployment. The IVR can be incorporated into your customer service telephone line regardless of whether you are using toll-free business contact numbers, PRI lines or SIP trunk. From startups to established businesses in verticals such as healthcare, BFSI, manufacturing and ITES, anyone can use the hosted IVR service.

Once the software has been installed, you can personally log in to a live dashboard and add the departments/options as per your business requirements. The TTBS IVR comes with freedom for unlimited recordings for up to 45 days. It has negligible latency and offers optimal voice experience. Moreover, there is no limit on the number of agents for call management, and the IVR is ready to handle any level of complexity in the phone tree system.

2- Automates customer service and eliminates transfer errors

With a comprehensive IVR service, your business need not burden a receptionist with the job of manually transferring calls to different extensions. The automated system routes customers’ calls to the exact departments required, and you can avoid the mistakes in routing.

Callers can also get a variety of information related to their personal accounts with the business directly on the IVR and can choose to speak to an agent whenever essential.

3- Helps to optimise lead conversion

Even though it is commonly used for customer services, a hosted IVR can underpin an entirely new sales channel to support your telemarketing efforts. While automating the process of connecting with customers, the system offers a simplified method to pre-qualify interest and enable lead conversion.

You can pose a few questions about your new product or service package launches on the IVR. As per their responses, qualified prospects who seem interested in the offers can be routed to the sales team to seal the deal.

4- Offers a holistic view of the customer

Your marketing department can also leverage HIVR to learn about your prospects and customers. Whether incorporating a poll or survey or through a tailored marketing campaign, IVRs provide a quick solution to unveiling callers’ likes, interests and demographics.

As per the responses keyed in by the customers, marketers can also run post-campaign analysis to determine which demographics responded favourably and if marketing messages need to be adjusted to attract more patrons to the brand.

5- Improves business relationships

With the tailored IVR menus and prompts, you can create an effective customer engagement strategy. Your cloud-hosted IVR helps you to map your business tactics to the natural buyer journey and deliver a unique brand experience. You can achieve this by creating lively welcome messages, streamlining phone tree changes and by conducting A/B tests for your messages in real-time. It is easy to optimise business relations when customers’ IVR experience is similar to their interaction with the brand at other touchpoints.

6- Enables analysis of call data

The TTBS cloud HIVR enables you to track the calls received with ease. A real-time dashboard helps in identifying the numbers from which you received the calls, the time at which they were made and the kind of queries the callers had. You can also listen to recorded calls where agents interacted with customers and the efficacy with which they resolved the concerns. Periodic analysis of call data helps to keep improving customer service abilities.

7- Enhances agents’ productivity and performance

Besides improving the service experience for customers, IVR technology enhances employee productivity. When callers reach the most qualified resources for the resolution of an issue, the concerned agents can assist them in minimum time and more efficiently. With their regular work closely matching their skills, the agents also feel more confident and perform better.

8- Allows the enterprise to attend calls even after business hours

When your IVR is the first point of contact to answer calls, you will never leave your customers in the dark, no matter at what time they call the business. They can get answers to their queries through self-help options or receive information about the next best time to call if you play a static message for the same. With the TTBS-hosted IVR, you can even get calls transferred to another number where someone can speak to the caller.

9- Reduces costs of customer service operations

Your IVR becomes a multi-skilled resource for your customer services and helps you save costs in employing additional personnel. By gauging the purpose of a call as per the inputs provided, it can either directly provide the sought information or direct customers to an available agent. Along with lower costs, the bottom line of business also gets a positive impact as the employees can focus on resolving real issues and make sales to qualified prospects.

With the TTBS cloud-hosted IVR, you get more control over your customer service management and can continue providing an optimal experience to your patrons. The system comes in two variants with a range of features to suit your specific business needs. To know more about the product, click https://www.tatateleservices.com/business-services/marketing-solutions/hosted-ivr-service.

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