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Every business, regardless of its type and size, maintains a great deal of information in different formats that are stored as documents. Efficiently organising, managing and controlling the documents have always been some of the most tedious tasks for companies.

Document Management and Control
Documents are a crucial element to the business service and product offering and need to be administered meticulously. Conventional methods of managing documents led to problems that adversely affect overall business performance.
These can include:

  • Elaborated filing of records and management can take much effort and time
  • Excessive paperwork can cause employee frustration
  • Storing filed information takes up much space
  • Document location and storage may turn confusing
  • There may be difficulty in locating the right document
  • Redundant and duplicate document creation can occur
  • Version control and management can be arduous
  • Data transfer and correspondence issues may crop up
  • There are higher chances of individuals “hoarding” and compromising valuable business information
  • It is difficult to track and monitor unauthorised changes made to crucial documents

Document Management System
A Document Management System, or DMS, is an automated solution that helps companies to efficiently create, manage and control their documents containing textual, audio, video or pictorial content in digital format. Modern document management systems seamlessly address the problems mentioned above while simultaneously adding more efficiency to business productivity.

A DMS can be defined as computer software that allows creating, storing, managing, protecting, indexing and retrieving documents in the digital format. Available as on-premise and cloud versions, the modern DMS empower companies to access their documents securely with authorisation and authentication rights.

Online or cloud-based DMS store the digital records in the virtual space on subscription-based pricing models and offer more functionality besides document storage. Cloud-based DMS helps in the organisation of files and data at a central storage allowing companies to track all crucial documents. This expedites business workflow, enhances accuracy and provides anytime, anywhere access to the stored documents.

DMS for Business Efficiency

Version Control: Version control is one of the most useful features of a document management system. Often, different versions of the documents are to be maintained, for instance, in cases of business proposals or product specifications. A sound document management system helps in storing different versions of a single document identified with version numbers or names that can later be utilised based on specific needs.

Hassle-free Retrieval: DMS allows easy and convenient retrieval of the stored documents with just a few clicks. You can simply locate your documents based on your transactional, legal or research needs. Having a fully functional DMS in place accelerates the document retrieval from the typically large assortment of the business repository, thereby speeding up the entire business process.

Workflow Enhancement: Documents are exchanged and shared among companies, third parties and various departments or individual personnel to carry out various business operations. A document passes through several stages including creation, review, approval and dispatch executed by multiple people before it accomplishes the intended purpose. A well-planned document movement can be tracked in a DMS, which significantly expedites business processes while enhancing the overall performance.

Enforcing Document Security: Maintaining document security is a primary concern for every business. Documents containing secretive business information or any confidential data such as personal details of the employees, product formulas or tender details are highly prone to unauthorised access and exploitation of critical information. Document management system allows companies to authorise only reliable persons with access to such documents to prevent any cyber attack and legal damages.

In a Nutshell
Adopting a DMS addresses pivotal document management concerns. Nevertheless, choosing a robust document management system remains a strenuous task for companies. Besides creating and managing the documents, accessing and securing them is a significant impetus for enterprises, which can be effortlessly attended by a DMS that is mapped to specific business needs. A well-crafted document management system aids in business competitiveness with compelling features and functionalities.

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) is a leading solution provider for all your document management needs. The Document Management System developed by TTBS helps in deft maintenance of all your business information files to equip you with enhanced productivity. This web-based DMS comes with a user-friendly interface which is easy to use and highly secure. The document management system from TTBS enables excellent collaboration within the organisation with ease of access from anywhere.

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