Boost Productivity With ILL Based High speed Internet

The Internet connectivity of businesses is no longer a mere conduit for mundane traffic on websites. It is the very backbone of organisations, supporting their revenue generating and expansion operations. As more of IT infrastructure and mission-critical apps move to the cloud, the reliability and speed of data networks have become even more important. To get the most from their investment in technology, enterprises look for a connectivity medium that offers uncontended high speed and bandwidth.

Businesses today are dependent on the Internet for a variety of activities. From e-learning and e-training programs for their employees to e-commerce, e-tendering and e-procurement, online networks facilitate the everyday operations of commercial organisations. They also need a flawless Internet connection for web conferencing, customer interactions, social media management and online research.

With multiple data plans available for Internet connectivity, start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often look for low-cost options, to begin with. In some of these choices, the performance attributes are not considered in detail until they start impairing the productivity and customer experience in the long run.

Internet speed can indeed make or break a business. It determines how efficiently the employees can send their emails, connect with clients, access essential apps and work with other online network-based tools.

Broadband and leased line are two prime Internet connectivity alternatives available to businesses today. While broadband connections are also subscribed to by household users and self-employed professionals, the Internet Lease Line (ILL) is marketed specifically for businesses that have 15 or more employees.

Why are IT experts recommending this medium so strongly? Does it bring any benefits that cannot be afforded by a vanilla broadband connection? Will it help boost the productivity in an organisation and enable better collaboration?

To understand the answers to such questions, let us begin with the basic concept of a leased line: Unlike broadband that is often shared between users in the vicinity, an ILL is a private and reserved connection between a business and the local exchange managed by the service provider. It comes with a predetermined fixed bandwidth and offers the same speeds for uploads and downloads. There is no contention with other users in the neighbourhood, and all provisions of the service are bound by a documented service level agreement (SLA).

Here is how these features of ILL support business efficiency:

High speed and its impact on productivity
When your employees need to upload or download important business documents through emails and internal messaging apps, you do not want them to waste time in a tardy process. Delays in sending, receiving and reading such files can have a negative impact on their productivity. Speed matters a good deal where technologies are involved, and that is where an ILL connection helps. As a high-speed Internet connectivity medium, ILL caters to different business requirements and offers a range from 15 MBPS to as high as 1 GBPS. Users can subscribe to a plan with the desired speed, which is identical for both uploads and downloads.

Faster Internet for smoother collaboration and cloud access
On a speedy network, employees can share ideas, content and resources more efficiently with each other. Web conferencing that is frequently used to connect with remotely located branches of a business is also more successful when there is a reliable Internet connection. The organisations that have started leveraging cloud solutions need a speedy and seamless Internet to access and work on any file or software stored in the cloud. High-performing networks enable cloud apps to run securely and help businesses to launch new services faster.

Superior access to last mile connectivity
There are instances where businesses get reliable Internet connectivity in their prime locations but also have remote workplaces that are not served by adequate network access. By subscribing to dedicated ILL service, they can ensure carrier-grade last mile connectivity in all their offices. All end users have access to equally efficient networks and can, therefore, keep team productivity levels high.

End-to-end SLA on uptime, latency and packet loss
The reason why a leased line is considered a service rather than a product is that it comes with customised features and a written SLA. The service provider assures the business of a high degree of uptime, and if at all there is any fall in the performance of the network, measures are immediately taken to restore the promised level. As a part of the SLA, the ILL provider also monitors the jitter and latency of the online networks. There is a low latency guarantee with leased lines, and this is an advantage for businesses that use VoIP setups.

Business growth with cost savings
Any small business that has plans to expand, launch new services and hire more workers must have a fast network to support the increasing number of users and processes. ILL is an excellent choice in this case because, in addition to providing high, symmetric speeds, low latency, low jitter, more uptime and better last mile connectivity, it is a scalable service. If there is a need to increase the speed and bandwidth, businesses only need to upgrade their plan – they can then get the same high level of efficiency for a larger number of employees and IT activities.

The performance of the business stays competitive, and it can save lakhs of rupees that get wasted due to downtime and low productivity.

As the leading Internet Leased Line service provider of India, Tata Tele Business Services offers dedicated, reliable, resilient, fast and secure Internet connections to businesses in various industries. For quick installation at your work centres, contact a sales representative today.

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