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Summary: From cost benefits and scalability to the flexibility of accessing business data from anywhere, the cloud brings a host of benefits for manufacturing companies. However, concerns about the safety of data in the cloud loom large. The paranoia arises primarily from the approach itself being perceived as risky since the data is stored on servers and systems not owned or controlled by the organisation. By connecting to the cloud via a secure VPN tunnel, manufacturers can keep using the technology without exposing their resources to cyber threats.

For years, manufacturing companies have managed their IT operations with on-premise servers and software. The use of such legacy systems gives organisations the desired peace of mind with an assurance about the security of their locally stored data.

However, their upgrades and maintenance call for a specialised team that must be present in the office to support users and manage any potential issues. Additionally, the costs of on-premise software are high because enterprises need to purchase a license for each unit configured on their employees’ devices.

Cloud computing is known to counter such drawbacks. It also enables users to access their embedded applications and data from any device or location. Encouraged by its adoption across other industries, the manufacturing sector, too, has started moving towards the technology. Their only primary concern is – how secure would the data and applications be in an environment that is away from business premises and is also accessed by several other entities?

That’s where a virtual private network (VPN) helps manufacturing organisations. By leveraging VPN connectivity, enterprises can avail all the benefits of cloud computing, without exposing their devices and data to the threats of the public Internet.

Instead of connecting directly to the public Internet and cloud resources, manufacturing companies can direct their traffic through a VPN channel for encryption and masking its identity. The Secure Connect feature of Smart VPN designed by Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) enables manufacturers to build a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network that links their offices and remote workers. While running their business operations on this network, they can also access cloud resources securely. TTBS Secure Connect leverages all the strengths of MPLS connectivity while connecting users to their cloud-based infrastructure. Its prime aspects are:

  • MPLS-based secure connectivity
  • Service level guarantee
  • Dedicated access with private connectivity, low latency and high throughput performance

The key customer benefits of ‘Secure Connect’ enabled by TTBS Smart VPN for manufacturing organisations are:

Simple, reliable and secure connectivity

A manufacturing concern maintains mission-critical data that comprises product information, customised technologies, vendor records, financial statements and customer details. The sharing of such databases via cloud applications is permitted only between internal departments or authorised users.

By connecting securely to the cloud through Smart VPN, manufacturers can enjoy private network and even encrypt all data stored and shared via the platform. It provides for highly secure Layer 2 network connectivity, and the data stays protected in a privatised section of the cloud, round-the-clock. There is no risk of leakages on the Internet, and users have full-access control of their data.

Enables access through the browser on any device

A significant advantage of connecting to the cloud via VPN is that users can access the platform via any device with a browser. Manufacturing companies that espouse bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies do not have to worry about arbitrary restrictions on browsers or operating systems needed to access cloud platforms. TTBS Smart VPN’s feature Internet VPN acts as a wonderful tool on-the-move to enable easy access to content stored in cloud platforms. Employees who work from home can also work seamlessly while ensuring the safety of their data. With Secure Connect, safe access to cloud computing is available anywhere and everywhere.

Furthermore, the employees can use any wired or wireless device that is convenient to their workflow in offices, plants, warehouses and other remote locations. With such flexibility, organisations can improve employee mobility and reach higher productivity levels.

For the field and remote workforce of manufacturing companies, public Wi-Fi may be the only Internet service available at places such as hotels and airports. Smart VPN gives them the ability to stay in a secure network and access cloud data/applications via their company’s encrypted service. They can continue working from anywhere without personal dongles or having to wait for a secure connection.

Facilitates performance monitoring

Manufacturing companies may be using a host of cloud-based applications for enterprise resource management, CRM, data analysis, asset tracking, inventory management and accounting. They have multiple teams to administer such processes.

When such organisations deploy the Smart VPN to access and utilise their apps, they can ensure optimal performance for all the tools. A bespoke web-based interface with this VPN solution enables team leaders and IT personnel to monitor the performance of the company’s resources in the cloud. Any incident of sub-par functioning can be promptly addressed before it impacts the efficiency of operations.

Comes with Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The TTBS Smart VPN solution is also backed by a comprehensive SLA. With this documented deal, the manufacturing company subscribing to the service gets an assurance that it will receive the exact network standards and technical support as promised. Under the clearly defined terms, conditions and provisions mentioned in the SLA, the chances of subscribers’ disappointment are mitigated. It protects their interests and builds a personalised business relationship with TTBS.

With a range of benefits, a VPN is the best way to get the privacy and security that manufacturing organisations seek when they use cloud computing solutions. To know more about TTBS Smart VPN featuring Secure Connect for the cloud, click

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