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Asset Management

Asset Tracking services use technology like mobile networks, RFID & GPS for real-time location of assets

Building a successful logistics brand means consistently meeting client expectations with respect to timely and reliable asset delivery. Location Based Services (LBS) like Asset Tracking are empowering logistics companies develop visibility of their shipments. From dispatch to destination, fleet owners can track their shipments in real time, with updates on routing, driver behaviour, safety, and asset security.

Asset Tracking services use ubiquitous technology like mobile networks, RFID and GPS to pinpoint real time location of vehicles and goods. These solutions hand back control to fleet headquarters by reducing misuse of vehicles and preventing loss or theft of cargo and have a number of compelling business benefits.

Ease of installation and use

Asset Tracking technologies using mobile networks come as a comprehensive solution set, including the device, software platform and web based user portal. It requires minimal technical know-how to install or operate; and can be easily deployed across the fleet.

Cost control

Mobile based Asset Tracking solutions don’t need huge upfront investments or running maintenance costs, as the technology and equipment are standard. Available as a comprehensive solution from leading vendors, they often allow operators to start small with pay-as-you-go and scale-as-you-grow options.

Driver monitoring and oversight

In-vehicle monitoring through live video and real time inputs on driving speeds, routes and stoppage time promote better compliance standards. Some solutions allow performance analysis on points like harsh acceleration/braking, start & stops for day and idling. Information that helps save fuel consumption, increase driver accountability and incentivise desired behaviour.

On time and reliable delivery

Delays in shipments arise in part due to route deviations or unscheduled stops. Asset Tracking tools like geo-fencing allow an operator to pre-set options and get real time alerts should there be any deviation. Similarly, data on start/stop times and average speed helps monitor driver behaviour and reduce unscheduled stops.

A nationwide mobile network from leading vendors like Tata Tele Business Services provides peace of mind that regardless of where the shipment is headed, it is never out of sight.

Boosting business reputation

The data analytics functionality of Asset Tracking throws light on black spots in routes and average delays, leading to better routing, response times and scheduling. This results in higher levels of customer service, fleet utilisation, productivity and savings. The fleet’s reputation is enhanced, thus creating a brand synonymous with reliability.

With valuable capital assets like ATM machines, vending machines, flood pumps and more on the move, subscribing to a professional Asset Tracking that allows real time information sharing, transparency and cost savings, augments customer satisfaction every kilometre of the way.

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