Effectively increase customer engagement through live chat solutions

How Live Chat solutions help increase customer engagement

In this age of WhatsApp, people prefer to text more than to call someone. The same logic applies to customer support. While visiting retail stores physically customers get active support from sales staff. However, while visiting online stores customers do find it inconvenient to pick up the phone and call customer support numbers for assistance. Moreover, the long wait times after calling customer support is not convenient. Having a Live Chat solution as part of your website to assist customers is the best way to provide support. Most websites offer it to enhance customer experience and also to keep them engaged with their products and services. Let’s look at some of the ways through which live chat solutions help increase customer engagement.

Get to know your customer While engaging with customers in a live chat it is important for agents to gather and analyse as much information about them as possible. For instance, if it is a repeat customer, they should have information of his previous interactions, sections visited and keywords used on the site. This will give a fair idea of what the customer is looking for and help the agent prepare better for future chats. And for a first time visitor, information such as the location, the products that he’s searched for and also the keywords used should give a fair idea about the problems he has most likely faced and help the agent offer better solutions.

Provide a seamless chat experience. Customers visit your website through different platforms and devices and so it is extremely important that they get a seamless chat experience. In fact, the quality of chat services that are provided often distinguishes great businesses from good ones. So, whether the customer logs on from Mac, Windows, Android or iOS, it is your responsibility to ensure he gets to enjoy the same experience. Another great way of showing respect to customers coming from different geographies is by offering multilingual support. Going vernacular is the next wave in the evolution of the online world and it is also one sure shot way of increasing the reach of your products and services.

Provide the best chat interface while there are plenty of options available, you should carefully choose chat software for your website. The interface should be simple yet intuitive enough to offer all features that a customer might need. It should get seamlessly integrated with your website and should be customised enough to meet the needs of your business. At the end of a chat conversation, a customer might want to save a copy for future reference. So make sure you have provisioned for this as well.

Technology provides a lot of options to engage with customers and Live chat support is one. If used effectively it not only helps increase customer engagement with your brand but also provides useful insights into customer preferences, thereby helping you sell more in future.

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