Evolved Virtual Classrooms for Optimal Learning Experiences in Corona Times

Evolved Virtual Classrooms for Optimal Learning Experiences in Corona Times

Summary:Schools, colleges and coaching institutions are increasingly adopting online meeting tools to keep their operations running, and they seek cloud-based, easy-to-use and secure conferencing solutions for their students. The Webcasting platform built by Tata Tele Business Services is a zero-CapEx intuitive service that fulfils such expectations. It also brings a variety of features to conduct online tests and make virtual classrooms more enriching for learners and instructors.

A novel, global pandemic virus has forced us to stay within our homes for over three months, and even after the lockdown restrictions have been diluted, we feel reluctant in going out. COVID-19 reoriented our very relationship with the outside world and even with our kin.

The changes that we anticipate in the near future feel unsettling – Will public transport services such as metro trains remain inoperative? How will restaurants and hotels function? When will schools, colleges and coaching institutes reopen?

Although no one knows what exactly will happen in the next few months and years, this crisis for sure has impacted our general lifestyle and business practices. In addition to reviving our appreciation for family and simple things in life, it has prompted us to make a more flexible and sophisticated use of technology.

When the mandates of physical distancing pushed the world into massive experiments with remote working, the education industry also started using digital tools more frequently. The online courses that were used by only a fragment of this vertical for distance learning programs became valuable for a larger section of students. Further to this, the schools, colleges and coaching institutions that wanted to teach their students with more personalised interactions adopted web conferencing solutions to build virtual classrooms.

The Webcasting solution

By analysing the unique requirements of students for a secure and easy-to-use conferencing application, TTBS has launched an exceptional Webcasting service. It can accommodate from 50 to 5000 participants on a single online platform. Schools can continue to cover the syllabus for different grades by organising classes just as they would in the physical campus.

Webcasting is a browser-based solution that does not need to be downloaded and works on both desktop and mobile devices. Students can use the Internet connection on any desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet at home to join their classes via this conferencing service.

Special features to make online classes engaging and productive

Getting tutored without visiting their school campus or coaching centre is a new experience for most students. Never before had they to remain isolated in their homes for such an extended period.

This is why Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) has customised the Webcasting app with features that make the online learning experience as close to a real class as feasible:

Automation and ease of device integration

As a SaaS tool, Webcasting brings a fully-automated, do-it-yourself service that allows teachers and students to use their existing computer accessories for seamless online collaboration. Participants can easily configure their video conferencing equipment such as webcams, microphones, telephones and speakers to present and get involved in a webcast.

Versatile content delivery

Teaching from home can be challenging, especially in a phase when health is a concern, and we have become primary care-givers for our families. At times, sudden domestic duties also demand attention. This is why Webcasting gives teachers the flexibility to present both live and pre-recorded sessions for their students.

Teachers have access to a user-friendly wizard that lets them schedule, manage and present audio and video webcasts. They can also archive a webcast instantly for viewing and editing.

What’s more, this virtual classroom solution helps to build rich PPT slides with triggered animations and attendee-controlled slide browsing options.

Additional features that make content delivery engaging include question & answer (Q&A) live chats, polls, surveys, online tests & certifications and social media interactive elements. Students can download their copies of assignments and projects directly from the platform.

Branding and personalisation of content

The solution allows schools to create email templates, landing pages and webcast players branded with their emblems – this lends more customisation to the content being shared with the students, staff and other stakeholders.

Analytics to evaluate progress

When they use Webcasting to tutor a batch of pupils, educational institutions can also measure the success of their efforts in virtual classrooms. The robust analytics options that come with this application let teachers or conference managers track attendance and the results of surveys, assessments, tests and Q&A sessions. They can export such records to Excel files and subscribe to the regular delivery of such reports via email.

HD streaming, scalability and enterprise-grade security

The HD quality of content streaming through the Webcasting platform makes online classes more realistic and interesting. Students can pay more attention to the lectures and feel less stressed with screentime.

Thanks to its scalability, the tool helps to add more participants in any session. Therefore, when teachers wish to expand their batch of students or take a collective class with multiple sections of the same grade, they can invite them all for a common session.

While devising the service, the TTBS team has put a special focus on the security of Webcasting. With end-to-end encryption of the platform, teachers can rest assured that their messages are delivered only to the intended audience. Security features also include password-based access, referral checking and email and IP authorisation/blocking.

This mix of features makes TTBS Webcasting an intuitive virtual classroom platform that schools, colleges, coaching institutions, and hobby class instructors can use to redefine their content delivery in our changing world.

Even when we find a vaccine for the coronavirus, and students begin returning to the brick & mortar centres of education, the ‘normal’ will not be the same as we knew it. Digitalisation across industries has been triggered and will only grow in the near future. Its value proposition in terms of time and cost savings, data-based decision-making, higher productivity and lower carbon footprint stands acknowledged.

If you seek a zero-CapEx, cloud-based intuitive solution to build virtual rooms for regular or special classes conducted by your organisation, contact the Tata Tele Business Services team at 1800-266-1800.

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