High-quality video conferencing bringing global collaboration to life

The key factor for successful multimedia conferencing is the telecommunication infrastructure.

Even as Indian professionals across all sectors embrace the principles of a decentralised workforce, remote working and global collaboration, they are realising the importance of the personal touch, ‘putting a face to the name’ and nonverbal communications. With travel budgets constantly shrinking the demand for high quality conferencing technology has skyrocketed. Tools for web, audio and video conferencing are being adopted at a significant rate in India which, along with markets such as China and Brazil, is considered an extremely high-potential market for the growth of these services .

Formerly an extremely expensive proposition to install, with an assortment of custom equipment from microphones, cameras, monitors, codecs and boards, software, computers and more, video conferencing equipment is today much more affordable and can even be leased in some locations.

The key factor for successful multimedia conferencing is the telecommunication infrastructure. Slow connectivity, dropped calls and frozen screens are simply not acceptable during a conference call designed to conclude a business deal worth thousands of dollars. Any video conferencing suite must ensure connectivity through the most advanced low-latency networks such as those available for algorithmic trading between stock exchanges and connected brokers. These must deliver the best ping rate and lowest dropped packet rate, and not depend upon ‘normal broadband’ or even public service fibre broadband.

Analysts expect rapid expansion of the video conferencing sector in India over the coming years, driven by industries such as media, business, education and healthcare. CTOs must ensure that their facilities are served by ultra low latency broadband telecommunication services in order to get bang for their investment buck.

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