How a Business Needs Different Voice Solutions at Different Stages of Growth

Voice communication is an integral part of business interactions. New age business functions involve interactive online sessions with customers for diverse reasons such as addressing queries and complaints or providing support over the Internet. Every business, regardless of its size and type, needs a trusted and scalable voice communication solution to stay connected with its customers while delivering data and voice transmissions efficiently.

Voice Communications and Business
Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) provides end-to-end voice solutions for small companies and established enterprises alike. Designed to address the specific needs of diverse industry verticals, including ITES, BFSI, BPO, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and others, TTBS voice solutions support various traditional as well as cutting-edge technologies such as TDM, IP, wireless, inbound, outbound and CUG dialling. These scalable, resilient and reliable voice solutions help companies attain enhanced business communication with utmost security. Organisations can opt for the most appropriate voice solution based on various business factors and growth levels.

This article helps you gain an insight into the unparalleled voice solutions from TTBS that you can utilise to advance your performance while you are on specified growth levels.

Primary Rate Interface
Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a globally accepted standard that enables telecommunication service providers to connect with voluminous users with smooth voice transmissions. When an organisation is on the foundation level, the most challenging task is to attend to a large number of customers for voice transmissions and teleconferencing services. PRI facilitates voice transmissions extensively and helps businesses to scale their teleconferencing capabilities to higher levels.

PRI from TTBS optimises 30 channels rendering adequate data, voice, image and video services through a unified solution, wherein every channel can be configured to enable incoming, outgoing or two-way communication. PRI services from TTBS are full-featured solutions enabling 2-way connectivity between Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and ISDN-compatible PBX. These SLA-supported PRI lines allow enterprises to access the telecom infrastructure for flawlessly addressing dynamic business needs.

Session Initiation Protocol Trunk
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is used to provide voice over IP (VoIP) connectivity between PBX (Phone Exchange System) and the PSTN. Optimally used to send and receive calls through the Internet, SIP helps to enforce voice, video and messaging controls. Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) use SIP trunk to deliver uninterrupted telephone services and smooth communication services to the customers.

TTBS offers unique SIP Trunk solutions that can replace the fixed PSTN lines with a single link, cutting down on the cost of voice transmissions and multiple PRI ports. Companies in the initial phase of operation can opt for a SIP Trunk service to address scalability, maintenance and convergence issues and advance their business performance effortlessly.

As the company grows, the existing system may not suffice for addressing the extended business requirements. Centrex is a comprehensive solution for enterprises that allow the management of telecommunication services holistically by advancing the existing system with minimum or no extra cost

IP Centrex from TTBS is a future-ready service that allows connecting multiple offices on a private number scheme that simulates the existing EPABX to deliver advanced EPABX features without having to spend on a new one. This Centrex phone system utilises the current compatible lines and EPABX to render uninterrupted fully managed service without any downtime. IP Centrex lines help enterprises in readily managing their telecommunication services and contribute to reducing costs while simultaneously improving efficiency.

Call Register Services
To scale to increased business requirements, enterprises need to promptly capture the customer’s call details and leverage them to boost business opportunities. Call Register Services, or CRS, is a 360-degree solution that simplifies the process of instant feedback on a toll-free number. Fully equipped with a wide range of customisable features catering to specific business needs, CRS helps the enterprises to collect the caller information instantly and optimises it on a real-time basis with a readily deployed solution.

CRS from TTBS is a scalable and robust solution that helps enterprises with enhanced lead generation, verification and process automation.

Toll-Free Services
Business agility with high availability is crucial to success in today’s challenging world. Customers embrace businesses that offer a higher service standard with round-the-clock accessibility. Easy-to-remember toll-free numbers help customers get connected quickly. These number services help businesses to enhance customer service by being available 24x7.

TTBS provides impeccable toll-free services on an innovative and reliable network platform with a number series of 1800 and 1860 that are easy to remember. These subscription-based toll-free services provide SLA commitment, allowing customers to make instant free calls from across diverse locations. Enterprises are allowed to manage their accounts and access reports on their own through an interactive portal that enables businesses to deliver accelerated customer satisfaction.

Hosted OBD Service
Outbound dialler, or OBD service, is a futuristic solution that augments enterprise productivity by automating various operations. They help enterprises avoid significant investments in highly priced software and hardware. Hosted OBD is a cloud-based solution exclusively devised to empower businesses with capabilities of broadcasting voice pre-recorded voice messages to masses.

TTBS offers state-of-the-art hosted OBD services enabling enterprises to reach a broader array of customers with instant and engaging communication. These pre-deployed solutions do not require any physical circuits to be installed on customers’ premises and are highly available hassle-free outbound dialler services.

Hosted IVR
To gain a competitive edge over other businesses, enterprises need to deliver best-in-class dialling experience to the customers. However, having an intuitive, interactive voice response (IVR) system involves huge IT infrastructure investment, which not all businesses can afford. Cloud-based IVRs enable businesses to use IT infrastructure and services on lease models.

The hosted IVR platform from TTBS helps in reducing the cost of setting up the infrastructure required for IVRs and remits customer experience at its best. This subscription-based ready-to-use IVR service is available round-the-clock, facilitating enterprises to stay updated with real-time analysis of call traffic and call recordings

With countless telecommunication service companies offering a range of voice solutions, it becomes difficult to identify the best fit for an enterprise. Apart from comparing the services and features provided by these telecom services, a thorough analysis of the business operations and then choosing the best-fit solution helps map the optimum growth trajectory.
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