How cloud helps to close more deals in the real estate industry

Aug 2021 | Article

how cloud helps to close more deals in the real estate industry

Summary: A variety of benefits follow when cloud technology becomes a standard real estate IT solution. Besides allowing real estate professionals to improve their productivity and serve clients more efficiently, it also eliminates the worries of losing data stored in external drives and paper-based documents. Even in cases of office relocations, work from home or from site, the cloud makes all required available to its authorised users.

Real estate is a location-specific and relationship-driven industry where the players need to focus on marketing, collaboration, and client service. It is also a ‘business on the go’, requiring industry professionals to actively visit different places – property sites, registry offices, banks, clients’ premises – as most activities happen outside their office spaces.

Such attributes make digital technology, particularly cloud computing, a helpful solution for this sector. It can complement the personalised solutions offered and help them complete more tasks in less time. Cloud gives real estate professionals the flexibility to store and access their data from anywhere, share files with concerned parties, and use custom mobile applications for different calculations and processes in their trade

Although the pandemic did create a slowdown in the realty domain, with government policy support, the sector is on the rise again. For winning more clients and closing more deals, investment is cloud based solutions is a must for the real estate industry. Some of these include:

Zoom for collaboration

Effective communication with clients is a critical factor for the success of any real estate business. While face-to-face interactions will pick up with time, virtual collaboration will remain an important part of operations. Collaborating online also gives you opportunities to connect with property buyers from distant locations and gather more leads.

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) has partnered with Zoom to provide unified communication solutions to enterprises of all sizes. The application’s simple interface and the fact that thousands of consumers already use it for web conferencing make it a valuable platform for the real estate business.

You can invite your clients and business partners to participate in Zoom meetings and webinars on any desktop or mobile device. The app also allows you to share new listings, take interested buyers on virtual tours of properties, and narrate the benefits of locations.

All meetings are encrypted with multiple security layers, and the TTBS service is fully managed under a comprehensive SLA.

Zoom also comes with call notes, reports, and analytics tools to help realtors track the progress of deals and organise a record of their clients.

‘Live transcriptions’ is another Zoom feature that supports the realty business in India. It makes crosscultural interactions lucid, eliminating language barriers in communication.

Cloud CRM for Lead capturing, marketing success, and more productivity

Besides aggregating information for real estate brokers and agents, customer relationship management (CRM) software is an efficient resource for generating and converting leads, standardising workflows, understanding customer expectations, and designing better marketing campaigns.

Cloud CRM offered by TTBS boosts lead generation by helping you to track and harness more opportunities for new deals. It improves customer profiling to recognise patterns and behaviours that drive sales and purchases in the real estate market. The tailored modules for campaign, lead, contact, opportunity and client management simplify the categorisation of data.

With Cloud CRM on your device, capturing property inquiries from different marketing campaigns and social media is a breeze. You can respond faster to clients’ queries, thanks to automated messages that can also be personalised for engagement. Sending emails on birthdays and festivals is another way to use Cloud CRM for building customer relationships.

Lastly, referrals work when property buyers and sellers remember your agency for their deals. Practising a client retention strategy becomes easier with CRM software on your digital device.

Document Management System for data storage

Whether your real estate business is environmentally conscious or simply trying to reduce costs and improve access to information, cloud-based document management is a simple solution to both these ends. It helps to reduce the use of paper and ink and also simplifies and expedites transaction processing.

Using TTBS Document Management System (DMS), you get complete visibility into your business documents in a unified repository. You can streamline your deals and track file versions for different dates and edits.

Our cloud based DMS has a two-level workflow for user permissions and access. It simplifies compliance management for deal coordinators by sending instant usage notifications to the administrator, which could be you or an assigned manager in your organisation

Within the DMS, you can also store the details of property listings and brochures of housing projects to share with your leads instantly.

Built with TCS iON technology, TTBS DMS is available on a pay-as-you-go basis, which helps you avoid exorbitant software licensing costs.

Universal benefits of cloud-based tools

The common factors that make cloud tools useful for collaboration, CRM, and file management are costefficacy, flexible access, device-agnostic nature, and scalability.

In a world where natural and manmade disasters catch us unawares, cloud-based solutions are reliable resources supporting business continuity and operational resilience. They provide the real estate industry with a safe platform to store and back up their data. They also enhance productivity and help to answer clients’ queries faster.

If you need more agility in managing your contracts, listings, and business listings from office, home, and field, TTBS has secure cloud solutions for your real estate operations. To know more about these, please connect with us at 1800-266-1800.

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