Accelerate Your Brand Building with Social Media

Boundless use of digital media to promote products and services has dramatically transformed the way businesses persuade their prospects by reaching masses across the world. Social media platforms that were meant as a way out of boredom have gradually become an integral part of brand building and business marketing. Enormously used social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus, among others, have diverted business branding to a new direction.

Webinars – The Best Way to Drive Sales
Webinars are very effective and helpful to marketing staff in moving prospects down the funnel to sales leads by converting their awareness into immediate requirements. Researches show that webinars are more engaging than other media for product marketing. They deliver extensive information for the prospects and engage sales-ready leads for the sales team, which can then be utilised to initiate personalised outreach.

However, it takes a smart strategy to create an impactful and noteworthy webinar, else it can ruin the whole game. This article signifies certain elements that can help you strategise stunning webinars to leverage them for accelerated sales.

How to create Webinars that drive enhanced sales and growth

1. Trust Your Sales Team for Webinar Content Topics
Content is the most crucial aspect of a webinar. While building a webinar strategy, sales teams are the best judges to identify the areas that must be explained during the webinar sessions. Sales and marketing teams must be aligned to build successful webinar strategies. If the content created by the marketing team doesn’t aid sales conversations, the entire effort to drive rich quality leads would be wasted. Sales teams are experts at identifying the areas that can help drive sales conversations and hence must be trusted for content ideas instead of guessing what a webinar would focus on. Accordingly, sales representatives must be engaged to discover the most captivating webinar content ideas.

2. Put the Promotion Strategy in Place
After identifying the relevant webinar content topics, the marketing teams must work hard and smart to promote the webinar and get as many attendees hooked to the session as possible. The attendees must be encouraged to stay engaged throughout the entire session once the webinar goes live.

You can launch various online and offline campaigns, e-mailers and other digital marketing ways to promote your webinars to make it reach out to massive online visitors. You can also associate with digital marketing experts and get your webinars promoted through a number of channels. This would fetch more branding, visibility and, in turn, more leads to nurture. The marketers must focus on sending automated e-mail reminders under the name of the sales representative promoting the webinar to the invited but unregistered prospects. For personalised webinar promotions, one-to-one communication can also be set up with the prospects.

Prospects registering themselves for the webinar does not ensure they will attend the webinar. Reminder e-mails must be sent a day before and on the day of the live webinar to make sure that the maximum number of registrants attend the webinar.

3. Go Beyond a Talking Head and PowerPoint Presentations
A webinar needs to be created as an interactive session and must not imitate another boring lecture where the speaker reads the PowerPoint presentations by sticking to a script without bothering about the attendees’ reactions. Discussion-style webinars are quite useful and keep the audience engaged with unscripted versions. Multiple speakers discussing a relevant topic or having Q/A rounds on air helps to keep the content conversational yet informative.

Webinars must be built around the questions that prospects may have in mind. Calls can be sent to entertain prospects’ queries and issues that must be answered live during the webinar. This will help in bolstering the engagement and interest of the attendees. A landing page with a query form can be created to promote webinars and capture the data of prospects.

4. Let the Sales Teams Leverage Webinars
Pre- and post-webinar processes play a vital role in generating leads through webinars. A webinar hub must be created for easy access by sales to the following:

  • On-demand webinar recordings
  • Promotional e-mails and follow-up details
  • Calendar mentioning past and future webinars
  • Documentation having all webinar details such as title, target audience, key points, speakers, funnel stage and goals
  • Forms for collecting suggestions from sales personnel for webinar content suggestions and feedback

After the webinar, sales representatives must focus on closing the captured leads. All info such as details of the leads that registered, attended, registered but not attended, not registered, leads captured post-webinars and so on must be provided to the sales for a further pitch in the products and lead conversion.

It's All About Strategy
Regardless of their types and size, businesses are embracing webinars as the most important marketing and sales tool, but only if planned with agile pre and post processes and sound strategies. Information, content and efficient webinar tools can make the webinar a big success, or not, for lead capturing and conversion. Moving prospects down the sales funnel is the core objective of webinars, which can be attained if the points listed above are considered carefully. Sales and marketing need to be aligned to execute the webinar launch and live hosting process until the maximum lead conversion is achieved.

A range of webinar tools are available that involve scalable and reliable connectivity and collaboration. Tata Tele Business Services offers a wide array of highly scalable, reliable and robust connectivity and collaboration solutions and services that can help your business enhance your sales and growth rate at a significant rate.

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