How Investing in Business Broadband Can Improve the Bottom Line for a Small Enterprise

Summary: The customised Business Broadband is an OpEx-based service for small scale enterprises that need speedy data connectivity for multiple users. It brings them measurable benefits similar to those provided by Internet leased line, albeit at a more affordable subscription rate.

Most people presume that if they can send e-mails, use messaging apps, download files and stream videos without much buffering, they have a suitable Internet connection.

True, standard broadband can serve the needs of households that use their digital devices for web browsing, social networking, online shopping, net banking and entertainment on sites like Netflix and Hotstar. However, the needs of a business, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), are pretty different.

Businesses must have an always-on, speedy and secure data connectivity that lets them seamlessly connect with the clients and enable their employees to share critical data without delays. At a time when companies across the world are increasingly adopting telecommuting and remote working policies, the efficiency of Internet connection is crucial for successful operations.

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) has designed a unique Business Broadband solution for SMEs that seek enterprise-grade connectivity at a subscription cost less than that of Internet leased line (ILL).

Here’s how the key features of our Business Broadband make it an ROI-friendly choice for SMEs and startups:

Boosts efficiency and reduces stress at work

Workforces need robust Internet connectivity to share documents or spreadsheets in real-time with their colleagues. Delays in data transmission or latency while using online tools can be frustrating and affect an employee’s zeal to work.

Business Broadband by TTBS is a methodically tailored solution with speed throttled at 10 Mbps on local area network. Quick data transfers and quality of service (QoS) are always assured, and packet loss stands at less than 1 per cent. Such features make it a practical choice for professional operations and enable employees to complete more work in less time, thereby boosting productivity.

Provides static IP address

For businesses that send and receive large amounts of critical data, it is more advantageous to have a static instead of dynamic IP address. A static IP is more stable, and even if there is any minor interruption in connectivity, the packet exchange with the service does not get terminated. It is also suitable for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and applications that use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Business Broadband by TTBS offers a secure static IP. This feature is particularly useful for enterprises that use digital marketing or have e-commerce services. The never-changing IP address makes it easier for customers, suppliers and business partners to connect to their servers.

Makes the use of cloud applications simpler

Enterprises of all sizes use the cloud platform for custom software solutions, collaboration and data storage. The flexibility of access from anywhere, the ease of scalability, and affordable subscription models have made cloud computing a popular choice for SMEs. However, to use cloud-based services without any hindrances, it is essential to have a speedy Internet connection.

Business Broadband allows organisations to leverage their cloud computing tools efficiently with unlimited data transfer. Users are assured of high uptime, fast performance and smooth functioning of applications at all times, from any device. They can also maintain robust data integrity with this secure connectivity service.

Includes Free Wi-Fi Router

The TTBS Business Broadband brings an additional advantage for SMEs with its bundled offering of a free Wi-Fi router. Subscribers need not pay any upfront charges or security deposits for this device. The router helps them to extend the secure connectivity service to more employees – it is a valuable add-on for offices with a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) culture.

Is the SLA backed by 24*7 support?

Like other TTBS services and solutions, Business Broadband is also backed by a service level agreement (SLA). Based on this documented SLA, clients are always assured of the committed upload/download speeds, latency, packet loss and other aspects of the service.

Furthermore, there is a trained team of associates available on calls and chat service to address any concern raised by the users. On-site services are also provided within promised time frames.

The TTBS Business Broadband fibre optic network currently spans an area of more than 12,000 km. Symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads along with unlimited data in a reasonably priced subscription package make it an ideal choice for businesses with 10 to 30 employees. To know more about this service, please visit

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