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SIP Trunk

As an enabler of VoIP communications, SIP trunks help data to cross platforms. It is a protocol to establish basic parameters to exchange information between two locations. SIP has several benefits over legacy PSTN lines in terms of maintainability, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. It also helps organisations to scale conveniently.

With business using a variety of applications to enable flexible collaboration between their employees and communication with customers, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has become an important concept. This signalling protocol helps to initiate, maintain, modify and terminate real-time sessions involving communication apps between two or more endpoints on IP networks.

In essence, SIP employs the Internet to manage voice communications between two points and is a service used to deploy Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It is an upgrade over the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) that needs a wired connection between two people participating in a phone call.

SIP was designed to address the increasing demands for IP-based communications. The chief drivers of its development were native support for multimedia, mobility and interoperability. It also adds on to the strengths of other protocols for communication including Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) and Real-Time Streaming Protocol that are used for IP-based sessions.

The multimedia sessions enabled by SIP comprise Internet telephony calls, web conferencing and other kinds of unified communications. It can be used to invite participants for sessions that may not even involve the initiator.

Compared to PSTN lines, ease of maintenance is one of the prime benefits that this protocol brings. A network of wires, telephone hardware and other equipment needed for analogue telephone lines can be difficult and expensive to maintain. Such systems also deteriorate over time and are not simple to repair.

On the other hand, maintaining SIP trunks is quite uncomplicated. This case arises from the fact that, apart from the computers and routers used to facilitate the voice calls, nearly all components of SIP are software-based. The necessary ‘maintenance’ and upgrades happen in the cloud.

Simplifying Scalability of the Business
SIP solutions make it easy to scale the use of business phones up or down as required. When your organisation uses a digital SIP system, it can instantly add new channels for VoIP telephony. The SIP channels can be purchased in one small set at a time, which enables a planned growth of a company’s communication infrastructure. If your enterprise has been hiring more employees or expects an increase in the number of calls from customers, you can cost-effectively upgrade the infrastructure without spending time in buying new hardware, spreading an additional network of wires, paying technicians and installing complex devices.

Even if a seasonal increase in phone calls creates a temporary requirement for extra channels, eliminating these from the infrastructure is a simple task. This is because SIP trunk services do not involve lengthy contracts and come on affordable monthly rental. As against this, PSTN lines for businesses are sold in large bunches and often compel you to buy more lines than you require. Once you have them, you will have to keep them for a long-term contract. Companies that are scaling up while increasingly leveraging big data technologies can also benefit from SIP solutions. The digital attributes of SIP make it simple to track data on phone usage. A growing enterprise with a huge volume of calls can integrate the data extracted from them to improve its customer service experiences.

Get Started with SIP
Tata Tele Business Services offers an industry leading and SLA-based SIP Trunk that can support up to 1500 simultaneous calls with a single link. Scaling up and down for the call volume is also comfortable with our SIP Trunk and is provided in multiples of 10 channels.

If you want to minimise the CapEx and OpEx for your phone lines, you can utilise our SIP Trunk Solutions for your business. Our SLA promises a network uptime of 99.5%, and we give you a future-ready voice network to transcend your business needs.

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