How to digitally connect with customers to enhance engagement?

Enhance customer engagement online using Digital Survey

It is easier to give customers what they want if you know about it. The most efficient way to do that is of course by simply asking them what they want. This is when a customer feedback tool comes into play. By offering a unique communication channel for feedback, customers can actively associate themselves with your business and convey their thoughts.

Digital survey triumphs in any customer feedback program as an essential tool. It gives organisations an effective and a simple way to gather customer feedback and also captures the critical moments in their journey. Customers equally benefit from sharing their feedback as they can expect a personalised experience. And for this reason alone, they are willing to share their data with organisations.

When we look deeper what digital survey is capable of, we know that this powerful tool can be effectively used to gather insights on what customers like or dislike, their satisfaction levels, service quality and so much more. This crucial information can reveal a plethora of opportunities for business growth, especially in making confident data-driven decisions and not relying on hunches.

Armed with this information, businesses can steer the right products and services and tailor the communication specific to a particular customer. This way, you begin to build a connection between the brand and the customer. Nevertheless, the feedback conundrum of abandoning a survey or leaving it incomplete still exists.

To maximise digital survey response rates, organisations need to craft feedback questions that can engage customers from the beginning to the end and keep them active. Let’s look at a few ways in which this can be done:

  • Offer them an incentive
    Giving your customers a prepaid incentive can motivate them to complete the survey. It also shows customers that you value their feedback and appreciate their time. In return, they show the same respect and value to the brand.
  • Segment participants
    Improve engagement by crafting an effective survey targeting the right audience. Irrelevant information will only drive the customer away. Instead, ask the right questions to the relevant audience to keep the conversation useful and involving.
  • Get the timing right
    You may have heard it before that timing is everything. And there is a reason for that. If you intend to gather feedback or information from customers, it shouldn’t be too late so you miss your window of opportunity with the customer having moved on to the next activity/decision. Too early is not good either. The best time to gain higher engagement on a survey is a few days after completion of the interaction.

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