How to enable secure enterprise connectivity with MPLS


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Do you use applications, services and resources that are cloud based?

Whether the company is large or small, you are exchanging vital information across different systems, networks and users. In such circumstances, are you sure that your data is safe? It is critical for you to keep the connection between your business and cloud completely safe. Otherwise, your network can be easily infiltrated if you opt to use an unsecured connection.

So, how can you provide better reliability and security than the public Internet? The solution lies in combining cloud services with Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN to create a virtual private cloud that offers your organisation complete security.

Let us first understand what an MPLS does. MPLS is a VPN that speeds up and shapes your network traffic flows. Although there is no inherent encryption within MPLS, the traffic routing mechanism is completely private as it keeps each customer’s data separate from other data streams. You can alternatively choose to encrypt your data before sending it over the network.

Suppose you want to share information over the Internet in the form of phone, IP, Video or Skype. Each of this data is specifically labelled within the MPLS, which has predefined paths in the network, thereby keeping your connection safe and secure from outside threats.

Hackers may attack your company and try to gain unauthorised data in various ways, the most common of which is the Denial of Service attack. But since MPLS hides its core infrastructure, it eliminates the risks of network attacks.

Another reason why MPLS is able to prevent such attacks is that it adds an additional layer of security before any information is shared over the network. It also does not reveal any unnecessary information to the people outside your network. This includes your company’s IP address, your firewalls and other sensitive information, thus making it difficult for unauthorised persons to access any of the data.

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