How to maximise your conversions with Live Chat on your website

Leveraging Live Chat as an effective sales tool

Live Chat is a real-time communication tool on the website that helps connect, communicate and engage with customers instantly. It is not just a simple act of answering a customer query or guiding them. Leveraging Live Chat can turn into an effective and a powerful tool to increase sales and boost revenue. With Live Chat, you can immediately answer a customer’s query or walk them through a buying process. This not only increases your opportunity to sell products but also helps you to capitalise on leads and convert them into buying customers. It is also an effective way to increase customer satisfaction levels. This button on the website is the untapped potential for businesses as it helps maximise conversion rates and boost sales outside working hours as well. Live Chat equips you to increase the average order values and bring in incremental revenues.

Let’s take a look at how it can improve lead generation and increase conversions:

  • Bounce rate: Live Chat helps prevent missed sales opportunities caused by higher bounce rates. Whether customers face difficulty in navigating, need a guided tour of the website or questions answered, interacting through Live Chat allows them to stay longer on the website and increases engagement. Immediate responses improve sales and prevent customers from bouncing away to other sites.
  • Decision-making: Live Chat gives you the ability to answer and guide customers when they make buying decisions on the site. In a situation when a person needs assistance to decide amongst various products or services, Live Chat can be of exceptional service. Since they are already in the decision-making stage, providing convenient replies to customers while adding significant information can increase their chance of purchase and draw them back for repeated visits.
  • High customer satisfaction levels: The speed and effectiveness in addressing customer pain points and queries with the use of Live Chat provides an enjoyable experience. Getting helpful insights and advice on what to shop for, suggestions on matched interests, as well as answers to queries often results in an increase in conversion rates and the order value.

It is true that customers who use Live Chat are three times more likely to purchase than those who do not. The Live Chat tool is very effective in generating leads and maximising conversion rates, because it provides instant access to your business and the staff.

If you want your business to grow rapidly, Live Chat is the right platform for you. Increase your lead volume, be available for your customers, walk them through the sale and answer questions along the way. This helps push more shopping carts at checkout to complete the order and conclude purchases.

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