How Toll-Free Numbers Can Boost Customer Experience

A toll-free number is a first step towards providing outstanding customer service. It not only encourages customers to call more frequently to settle their issues, but also saves them from incurring high telephone bills as they spend considerable time and money in resolving their concerns with customer service advisors. These factors impact the overall quality of customer experience with the company. The common toll-free numbers in India begin with 1-800.

Having a toll-free forwarding service on the number will allow the customer service department to take a call from the office or any part of the world. Toll-free numbers also offer call hunting facilities as well as voicemail through an email at no cost. It makes less sense to opt for expensive PBX phone and fax when a firm can access message and faxes using an efficient, cost-effective and agile Internet connection.

Toll-free numbers are also an affordable way to evaluate the effectiveness of web pages, promotional campaigns and the like. Such a service enhances the brand perception, enables firms in building a local or national image and makes customers feel they are dealing with the firm located next door. The toll-free number is a boon for firms that frequently change their office locations. Activating the forwarded toll-free number facility will help firms in staying in touch with the existing customers even when they shift their business location. Firms can do that by changing the settings in their web control panel and switching the destination number.

There are several business advantages of having a toll-free number:

Enhanced Customer Experience

A toll-free number enhances the level of customer experience by offering them the flexibility to call at their ease. A chargeable customer service number decreases the call flow by 30%-40% since calling customer services and waiting for nearly 15-20 minutes will not only be a wastage of their time but will also cost them a fortune to dial. This may leave many customers irate with the services. On the contrary, a toll-free number makes customers feel that they have someone to resolve their grievances within a short timeframe.

Easy Recall

Toll-free numbers such as 1800 or 0800 are easy to remember. This ease results in customers using them more frequently and getting connected to a customer service agent, which improves the level of customer satisfaction.

The higher numbers of calls also mean more sales opportunity for the firm as it can bring new customers to the company, or generate more revenue from the existing customers, by pitching newly launched products and services.

Strong Brand Image

Irrespective of the organisation''s size, toll-free numbers play a critical role in building credibility and enabling the firm to generate more revenue through a positive brand image.

Easy Portability

The call forwarding facility in a toll-free number offers flexibility and easy accessibility to the customers even when the business gets relocated. Number portability plays a critical role in customer retention and bringing new customers onboard, who otherwise may stay away if they are apprehensive of a phone number change.

Great Marketing Tool

A toll-free number also assists organisations in effectively tracking their marketing efforts. A firm adopts all means of advertisements to market its products, including TV, online, billboards, print media, social media and so on. When a customer calls, it becomes challenging for the organisations to figure out which mode of advertisement attracted him/her to the company. If they wish to analyse the most effective means of publicity and where they should invest more, a toll-free number is a highly convenient tool.

Toll-free numbers play a crucial role by creating extensions, which later get associated with a particular campaign. They also act as a catalyst in maximising the company’s call volume, sales and the return on investment.

Tata Tele Business Services provides toll-free services with an industry-first feature of SLA commitment and an exclusive self-care portal for customers, so enterprises can establish higher service standards and be always accessible to their customers.

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