How Webinars Can Drive Sales and Growth

Webinars are highly capable of persuading prospected customers to buy a company’s products or services. Webinars can boost business sales and growth in multiple ways. They can be used to engage attendees with thought-leadership panel.

Widely embraced by people of every age irrespective of their geographic location and professions, these social media platforms have helped startups, as well as large enterprises, attain enhanced branding and performance.
A Statista report reflects that social media has been adopted by nearly half of the population in the world with a global penetration rate of 45%.

Leveraging Social Media for Brand Building
Social media platforms empower enterprises to nail enhanced branding and business opportunities. These platforms not only help you generate more business but also allow you to connect directly with your consumers and know their preferences to serve them better. Social media has emerged as one of the most impactful platforms for business advertising during the last few years.

Businesses decidedly can leverage social media platforms to stay ahead of the curve. Lower costs of advertising, a targeted reach to the relevant audience, real-time analysis of business performance, ability to spread brand awareness swiftly, and higher chances to get found by search engines are some of the compelling features of social media platforms that drive businesses to invest time, effort and money

With the power to make or break businesses, social media platforms act as the most potent weapons for brand building, lead capturing and rapid business growth. Nevertheless, for optimised social media adoption and leveraging the maximum potential of social media, some crucial points need to be considered.

• Sound Social Media Strategy
A sound social media strategy is the most influential element in digital marketing and brand building. Proactive creation, curation and promotion of relevant content well in time for online consumers help in the expeditious enhancement of brand and visibility. The social strategy must focus on employing the 80/20 rule, constituting 80% of the valuable information infused with 20% of the promotional content. This tactic enables achieving significant improvement in customer experience, search engine rankings, brand image, lead conversion rates, referral traffic and consumers’ engagement on social media and the website. The social media advertising content must be smartly strategised after a thorough analysis of consumer behaviour and other related factors.

• Customer-Focused Content
Consumers stick to a specific brand because of the brand’s efforts to deliver value-oriented and quality content that can convince them to spend on the showcased product or service. Customer-focused original, compelling and distinguished content helps in strengthening the loyalty bond with consumers online. Visual content such as images, videos and infographics have more potential as social media content if they are used intelligently. Effective content strategies must be devised as only relevant content posted on social media is capable of fetching higher ROI.

• Reward the Followers
Social media allows people to be digitally social, enabling them to comment, compliment and ask queries. Your followers must be rewarded for being engaged in your business and encouraging more people to follow your brand. Being rewarded makes them feel special and inspires them to recommend your offerings consistently and helps them stay connected further with the brand. This also enables your business to stimulate more supporters and helps them in converting those who are not satisfied. You can bolster your customers’ loyalty with various offers, discounts, access to more content or free subscriptions. Contests or special promotional campaigns can be organised exclusively for brand followers. This stratagem can help you grab an opportunity to cross-promote your offering between networks and capture more followers, thus using the social media power optimally for building brand loyalty.

• Responding to Queries
Answering your followers’ or customer’s queries with the right information within minimum turnaround time is one of the best ways to gain more brand visibility. This proves your expertise about the product or service and helps them think that they are getting real deals and that they are essential for your business. However, limiting your response to only loyal followers can kill the interest of others who do not follow your business. Extending your effort to answer the queries from others too may get them converted to a business opportunity.

With digital content dominating much of today’s business promotion, social media can be a clear business maker or breaker. Every platform has its own ways of promoting businesses, and knowing and identifying the perfect social platform to promote your business is one of the most important factors before you begin posting content and plan strategies to promote your brand.

Pointers mentioned in this article can contribute significantly to enhancing your brand, provided they are taken care of well in time and with the right perspective.

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