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62% of companies view customer experience delivered by the contact centers as a competitive differentiator

62% of companies view customer experience delivered by the contact centers as a competitive differentiator. For organisations looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors, fine-tuning the customer experience is the ideal way out. However, hosting complex customer experience business processes, is a reason why most companies shy away from investing in IT infrastructure.

Hosted IVR (HIVR) is a combination-solution that offers companies the option to utilise cloud infrastructure while enjoying the benefits of a customised customer experience.

But, what is HIVR?

An HIVR is an automatic cloud based caller redirection service, via pre-recorded voice options. The HIVR provides users with the ability to reach the person or service they require through self navigation. The pre-recorded voice-options are uploaded and selections are assigned to specific actions, or rerouting.

How Hosted IVR benefits organizations

While most companies cannot bear the burden of setting up infrastructure, adopting a hosted model reduces the cost of ownership and allows companies to concentrate on enhancing customer experience. Here are the direct benefits:

Improved customer satisfaction

HIVR systems if customised accurately from the customer’s perspective, can yield positive responses. It is an imperative to simplify call navigation, and redirect customers to an executive at the right time.With HIVR, it is possible to customise and simplify journeys for better customer experiences.

Faster response time

Since the system is completely automated, queries can be addressed simultaneously and response time is relatively reduced. The management of the system allows for real-time monitoring and analysis with tools that can customise the experience as per the individual’s requirements.

No onsite equipment required

Since the service is managed and hosted by a third party, there is no need for onsite equipment. Employees and staff can access the system from anywhere through computers, applications and smartphones.

Call routing and traffic prioritisation

If your company is running a campaign with promotional advertisements, then directing customers down the IVR tunnel will be a waste of time. Personalised routing allows for companies to direct customers to sales agents without spiraling through the IVR navigation.

Capturing caller data

Caller identity can be verified prior to the transfer of call to the agent. Calls can be documented and archived on online logs, and can be used for training and quality control.

HIVR is the ideal tool for small enterprises to take on larger entities with customer experience as the key differentiator. With minimal costs and an elaborate process in place, HIVR is a service that creates the best end-to-end customer experience and maximises revenues.

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