Improving Connectivity and Communication Services for Digital Content Builders

Nov 2020 | Article

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Summary: In a society driven by digital technology, businesses need personalised content to connect with their customers and understand buyer journeys. Experienced digital media companies help them achieve such goals. At the same time, to keep their services efficient and work collaboratively with their clients, the content marketing firms must also have robust and secure connectivity and communication architecture.

Digital media marketing professionals are the storytellers and content innovators of this age. By using a creative mix of multimedia elements, viz. text, image, audio, video and animation, they help businesses to connect with their customers and keep netizens engaged on online platforms. To keep creating value in an industry marked by aggressive competition, design better experiences for the audience and build operational resilience, these companies need optimised connectivity, communication and marketing services.

A basic broadband connection with asymmetrical speeds and average quality of service is not sufficient to support professionals who design and distribute a variety of digital content every day. Teams must also have reliable and agile voice solutions that help them collaborate with their clients for ongoing projects. And whenever content development requires surveys or public opinions, the involved media agencies must have flexible tools to gather the data without increasing their costs.

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) has an assortment of custom products to help content developers build efficient business models.

Here’s how our solutions enhance connectivity and communication services for digital media enterprises:

Internet Leased Line

Digital media companies get a speedy, uncontended and secure Internet connection in their offices with the Internet Leased Line (ILL) provided by TTBS. It brings genuinely uncapped data with symmetrical speeds for quick downloads and uploads of the rich media content that these organisations process daily.

TTBS ILL has a promised uptime of 99.5%, which is backed by a service-level agreement (SLA). It is characterised by low latency and jitter for a superior quality of service and traffic prioritisation. With its direct point-to-point connection for data service and wide reach, businesses also get the benefit of last-mile connectivity, and they can easily increase their bandwidth as per their evolving requirements.

Smart Internet Leased Line

To provide the benefits of ILL for remote work scenarios, TTBS offers a managed service called the Smart Internet Leased Line. It is a secure, always-on and zero-CapEx solution that comes with plug & play flexibility for all desktop and mobile devices. There are no worries around router configuration and management as the service is hosted by TTBS.

The increased implementation of work-from-home policies since the outbreak of COVID-19 has made Smart Internet Leased Line a useful solution for digital media companies. It gives their employees the freedom to develop content from any location and stay connected to their colleagues on the office LAN through a high-speed and dedicated Internet service.

Scalability is smooth, and the pay-per-license billing model makes Smart Internet a cost-effective service for online marketing companies of any size.

Session Initiation Protocol

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks establish telecommunication channels using IP technology. SIP is a digital voice solution wherein the available Internet bandwidth determines the number of deployable trunks.

Digital media companies that seek a cost-effective and easy-to-scale platform for internal communications, and to speak with their clients, get a reliable service package with SIP. As an IP-based solution, it provides unparalleled scalability on voice services. Each trunk can easily and quickly be scaled up to 1,500 channels on a single trunk.

SIP trunks help companies to eliminate the costs of multiple PRI lines, hardware systems and the maintenance associated with traditional phone setups.

The SLA that backs TTBS SIP solutions promises a service availability of 99.5% and resolution time of four hours along with service credits in case of any failure.

Call Register Service

The Call Register Service (CRS) is a practical solution for any digital media company that uses brand surveys, telephonic-voting, feedback, polls and lead generation verifications to serve its clients more effectively.

With CRS, they can invite instant feedback or lead registration on a toll-free number as per their business needs. The service enables them to capture caller information instantly and access it through a user-friendly web interface.

While polls can also be conducted on popular social media sites, CRS is a discreet way to gather opinions and choices without letting the competitors know what the customers in a particular industry seek. Digital media companies can give their clients a unique advantage by conducting market research through the TTBS CRS.

Our zero-CapEx hosted solution is quick-to-deploy, fully automated and scalable. It is future-ready and does not involve concerns for technology obsolescence.

Final Thoughts

As media companies evolve amidst digital transformation, multiplatform content consumption and growth of connected devices, they must keep their infrastructure adequately robust to provide functional services to their clients.

Flawless data connectivity, telephony and marketing tools are essential building blocks of their business – Tata Tele Business Services provides them as hosted and managed solutions, tailored for productivity, security and cost-savings.

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