Insurance Industry after COVID: Need for Agile Connectivity Security and Communication Solutions

Insurance Industry after COVID Need for Agile Connectivity Security and Communication Solutions

Summary: The transformed work dynamics in the post-COVID world have led to a search for effective connectivity, communication and security tools that can help to maintain business continuity, irrespective of the location of workers. Tata Tele Business Services offers a bespoke portfolio of such solutions to support the companies that are focused on sustaining their growth and building wholesome experiences for their customers.

With the corona pandemic enveloping us, the concerns about health and safety are quite natural. The distress in general life has also affected the insurance sector in different ways:

  • Companies are receiving more claims for insured sums from the people who have already been affected by the disease.
  • Many others are surrendering their policies or are unable to pay premiums on time due to financial constraints caused by job losses or pay cuts.
  • There is also a section of people that are applying for new policies due to rising health concerns.

In addition to handling the increased workload brought by such instances, the insurance industry must also ensure the safety of its own teams. It should be able to provide work-from-home (WFH) facilities to more employees and streamline the contributions of independent agents who already work on a commission basis.

The challenge, in this case, is to design a connected, seamless, secure and reliable work environment for everyone, irrespective of the locations they work from. They must safeguard all devices and network against cyber risks. They also need effective customer-service tools that let clients get in touch with them for queries and feedback.

Here’s how the enterprise-grade solutions from Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) help the insurance industry as work practices evolve in the COVID-transformed world:


A zero-CapEx and always-on data connectivity solution, the Smart Internet offers Internet Leased Line (ILL) service with remote access. It is a plug & play tool that brings all the benefits of ILL on desktop and mobile devices.

With Smart Internet connection, the insurance industry professionals get consistent network speed and high bandwidth along with assured security for the data and the enterprise apps used in their operations. Even as they work from home, they have a network free from the inconsistency and vulnerability of basic Internet service.

This future-ready managed ILL solution is also scalable and has an assured service uptime of 99.5%, backed by TTBS SLA.


With Smart VPN, insurance firms can build a safe MPLS virtual private network for their employees working from remote locations. They can then use critical enterprise apps without getting exposed to the risks of basic Internet services. The data shared through this VPN tunnel is also safe.

A zero-CapEx, cost-effective and scalable tool, Smart VPN works with all commonly used devices and operating systems. It is easy to install and connects over the basic broadband and Wi-Fi connections used at home.

This tool comes with SLA-promised service availability of 99.5% and reaches the remotest of locations to build secure and private business networks.


The frequency of cyber attacks, coupled with the growing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and WFH trends, has made it essential to ensure strong security of PCs, laptops and mobile devices used for work.

The Endpoint Security solution enables insurance companies to toughen the defence of their employees’ devices against viruses, spyware, malware, ransomware, and unsafe websites. It brings special features for device control, firewalls, data loss prevention, URL filtering, component updates and full-disk encryption.

Simple to configure and scale, Endpoint Security works on all major wireless and wired devices using Windows, iOS or Android operating systems. Its intuitive administrative panel also allows IT managers to check the progress types of risks mitigated by the solution.

The multitenant architecture, affordable subscription plans and unified billing for all users make TTBS Endpoint Security a value-for-money proposition for insurance businesses of all sizes.


Emails are the most potent carriers of cyber threats for business devices and LAN. An unintentional click on a malicious file can result in a serious data breach or network compromise. Unsolicited messages are also a nuisance and eat up into the storage space of users.

For the insurance company professionals who seek better security and efficiency in their email usage, TTBS recommends its Email Security tool. Being a cloud solution, it works with all popular platforms including Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 or even Gmail and other domains with on-premise servers.

The TTBS Email Security is powered by FirstWave Cloud Technology’s ESP™’s email software technology, Cisco-based ESA/IronPort, and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) technologies. It instantly recognises threats, analyses their impact and takes action to eliminate them.

Besides protecting a device from viruses, spyware, malware and spam, it has features to block complex pushy threats such as spear-phishing, whaling, typo domain and spoofing attacks. Users get the benefits of data loss prevention and advanced content control along with assured disaster recovery and 32 days trace replay.

This zero CapEx solution also offers outbound domain keys identified mail (DKIM) assistance to let senders insert their digital signature in a message. For ease of content management and awareness on the threats that tried to attack a device, it has role base controls and analytics portal.

As an enterprise-grade tool, the TTBS Email Security pledges 100% uptime with a redundant and fault-tolerant infrastructure.


Insurance companies must safeguard their accounts and intranet portals from unauthorised usage. With multifactor authentication (MFA), they can give their employees and associated independent agents additional factors to verify their identity, besides entering a password. Such factors may be soft or hard tokens, one time passwords (OTPs) or biometric identifiers.

The TTBS MFA leverages Cisco Duo Security. It brings a zero-trust security model for genuine and secure access to the apps/data stored on a device. With this solution on their devices, businesses can ensure that critical changes to an enterprise database and other systems are made only by authorised users.

TTBS Multifactor Authentication is simple to install on a device and brings a variety of authentication methods for an organisation to choose the ones that suit its operations. It works without slowing down other apps on a device and is quick to scale. The IT administrators for a company can set up adaptive policies tailored to the compliance regulations in each department.


For the insurers who have started using the cloud or virtualised desktops to store their data, workloads and applications, it is not feasible to use a physical firewall that stands between a server and the Internet.

Physical firewalls are also complex to manage for insurance agents who work independently or are away from the support of their office IT teams.

TTBS has resolved this concern with its Virtual Firewall. Based on Palo Alto Networks firewall technology, this firewall brings managed support for all wired and wireless device. It may be used anywhere with standard Internet service, for seamlessly monitoring the apps, software and content reaching the underlying device. The threat-intelligence-based filtering and accelerated response time of Virtual Firewall instantly block the traffic from malicious domains and IP addresses.

Like other cloud-hosted solutions by TTBS, the Virtual Firewall does not stagnate the working of safe enterprise apps on a device. It has a web portal that enables IT administrators to analyse security actions whenever they need. It is a zero-CapEx, pay-per-use service and is easy to scale without any complications.


Web security is recommended to any BFSI business that uses cloud computing. It helps a company to stay compliant with the IT regulations that govern financial services and provides robust security to any device irrespective of its location.

The TTBS Do Big Web Security solution employs DNS technology attributed to Cisco Talos Intelligence and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). It provides a strong response to the cyber threats that target public clouds.

Our solution integrates multiple advanced threat detection capabilities to check the purpose of any web request, URL or file that reaches the endpoints of a device or network. It speedily determines if they are safe, risky or detrimental. Based on its findings, the Web Security allows the usage of these files and links for normal work processes, or blocks them, or forwards them for further inspection. It does not cause any lag on the machine while keeping it secure from a range of threats.

The Do Big Web Security comes with functionalities of web filtering, collective security intelligence, portal reporting and category-based URL filtering. It is easy to scale, and being a Zero-CapEx cloud-based solution, can be sued by businesses of any size.

TTBS Communication Solutions

HOSTED OBD: To solicit the necessary information for claim-processing, inform customers of premium due dates, update them on policy features and to win new leads through telemarketing, insurance companies invest in outbound contact centres.

Hosted OBD by TTBS is a cloud-based outbound dialler solution that enables voice calls without the physical deployment of circuits at a location. An always-on managed service, it is protected against technology obsolescence and is effortless to maintain.

The intuitive GUI portal of Hosted OBD helps to build and initiate the calling campaigns. Its call pacing allows dialler managers to run campaigns in chosen time periods with different contact-loads. This, in turn, facilitates an optimised flow of outgoing calls, resulting in better agent efficiency and resource utilisation.

Special features for campaign management, dashboard reports and call analytics make the tool more useful for insurance companies whose outbound contact centres are critical to their operations.

TCS iON Products: To streamline and simplify customer service management for teams and individuals who have to work from remote locations, TTBS provides an array of cloud-based solutions. These unique IT-as-a-service models are powered by our TCS iON technology and include:

a) Cloud CRM: Offering 360◦ views of customers, the Cloud CRM platform supports agents whose task is to ensure the retention of existing customers and convert more leads for the company. With pre-sales, sales and post-sales modules, it helps them analyse customer interests effectively.

By automating tasks such as sending premium payment reminders and wishing customers on their birthdays, the DIY tool Cloud CRM makes client relationship management a breeze for insurance companies. Like other hosted products by TTBS, it comes with zero-CapEx and is smoothly scalable.

b) Document Management System: Insurers can leverage our Document Management System (DMS) for secure and organised management of their work files from multiple distant locations. This cloud-hosted repository brings a storage space of 100 GB per user and offers them the ability to upload up to ten files simultaneously.

Employees may be logged in from any location. They always have secure access to the documents needed for work. By giving access to the latest versions of shared documents, DMS eliminates unnecessary reworks. It is scalable and cost-effective with a pay-as-you billing model.

c) Live Chat: To make customer service and lead conversion via chat easier for insurance companies, TTBS has brought its Live Chat application. It suits companies that prefer cost-effective plug & play solutions and/or want to improve the work-from-home abilities of their teams. Employees can respond to customers’ concerns in real-time and generate new leads from any remote location by actively interacting with visitors on the company website.

This cloud-hosted customer management solution is accessible on all wired and wireless devices. It also gives users the ability to record their interactions with customers and send chat transcripts to a supervisor for analysis or queries. Additionally, this TTBS application helps to auto-route incoming chats initiated by customers to specific departments for efficient servicing.

d) Help Desk: The TCS iON-powered Help Desk is a service that insurance

companies can use internally to support their employees on IT issues and also resolve the common concerns raised by customers.

Users simply need to log in to this application and raise tickets for the problem they are facing. The Help Desk app then categorises, prioritises and assigns tickets to appropriate personnel. As a cloud-based platform, it allows the staff to work from anywhere.

The automated allocation of issues to specialists makes resolutions quicker, efficient and more convenient than the traditional email-based management of such problems. Instead of writing a long narrative to service associates, users can highlight their explicit concern under specific categories.

Once the issue is resolved, the precise response to the ticket is sent via both email and SMS. Unresolved tickets are auto-escalated to senior managers. Agent and group-level reports are also generated to gauge the efficiency of teams.

e) Digital Survey: Companies that leverage polls and studies to gather the opinions of their customers will find a user-friendly and scalable solution in our cloud-hosted Digital Survey. It is a comprehensive platform to conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys in multiple languages on multiple channels.

Businesses can launch their questions on official websites or through mobile and chat platforms. Fuelled by TCS iON technology, the Digital Survey has analytical capabilities for visual presentation of data gathered.

Insurance companies may also add their own logos for brand identity on the surveys launched through this tool. And the customer insights they collect through the platform helps them in improving business decision-making.

Need to know more?

As businesses across industries redefine their approach to standard operations and allow more employees to work from home, it is critical for them to be equipped with the right tools.

Having deployed end-to-end connectivity, voice, security and marketing applications for BFSI organisations, TTBS understands the unique requirements of insurance companies. For further information on our future-ready enterprise solutions, call us at 800-266-1800.

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