Integrated Sales, Marketing and Customer Support Solutions for Retailers

Summary:For the retail sector, customer relationship management is a comprehensive system to manage and improve business’ interactions with current and potential customers. It helps them to use market research data more effectively, build better promotional campaigns, improve customer experience and eventually boost sales. With the zero-CapEx cloud-based CRM solutions offered by Tata Tele Business Services, retail companies even in the SME sector can leverage technologies to nurture leads, improve customer retention and reduce marketing costs.

The retail industry in India is one of the most dynamic sectors in the country with the presence of numerous players who operate through e-commerce and traditional brick-&-mortar stores. It reached a valuation of US$950 billion in 2018 at CAGR of 13 per cent and is expected to touch US$1.1 trillion in 2020. (

While the prospects for this segment are bright, the growing number of buyers and the increasing competition make it difficult to provide personalised experiences to their customers. The challenge clearly is more acute for small & medium enterprises (SMEs) that cannot invest in capital-intensive technologies or skilled talent pools to upgrade their sales, promotion and customer service processes.

Cloud computing addresses this problem with plug-and-play CRM tools that can be employed to tailor better experiences for customers and manage different datasets to increase sales.

The integration of bespoke CRM systems can enable retailers to:

  • Get better visibility into customers’ expectations
  • Capture relevant information about them
  • Predict upcoming orders based on purchase history
  • Design targeted marketing campaigns
  • Reduce costs for sales promotion

The CRM solutions offered by Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) empower your retail company to convert more leads, interact with buyers in real-time, analyse their opinions, understand consumer journeys, send meaningful offers to them, and develop long-term customer relationships.

Since they are hosted in a secure cloud environment, these solutions involve no CapEx and are based on predictable pay-per-use billing models. They are also easy to deploy and scale.

Our portfolio comprises:

Hosted IVR

By integrating our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software with your business phone line, you can enable customers to reach the service they need without the involvement of an operator. Callers can use their phone keypad to choose from a menu of pre-recorded prompts and connect with the relevant department.

The Hosted IVR is a tool recommended for e-commerce retailers who are frequently contacted by their customers, partner sellers and suppliers for various updates and business matters. While a buyer may be looking for real-time status of a recently placed order, a seller may want to inquire about his remuneration and vendors, or suppliers may be calling to discuss a new deal.

With a dedicated line to talk to service representatives, customers save their time. They may also get the information they need through automated responses, without having to speak to anyone.

Hosted IVR makes the handling of high call volumes easier through dynamic call hunting and call routing. It improves first-contact resolutions, leading to enhanced customer experiences. The cloud-based nature of the software also enables agents to take calls on mobile phones at any location.

What’s more, your business can collect information on callers and call them back if their concern seems unresolved. Its analytics portal allows you to check calls attended by particular agents and get caller information on missed calls. This enables the firm to call back the customers.

Live Chat

TTBS Live Chat makes your business website more interactive and informative for customers. With this hosted app on your portal, your team can address every lead and offer visitors the details they need – on products and services – in real-time. It also helps users to route particular queries to concerned departments, and the agents involved can reply to them from anywhere.

For businesses that aim to build engaging customer experiences, Live Chat is a simple way to connect with customers. Questions such as “When will this product be available?”; “Do you offer home delivery services for my area?”; “Does your store have other variants of XYZ product?”, and many others, can be answered instantly.

The Live Chat solution is powered by TCS iON technology. It features in-chat file sharing, multi-agent chat and agent collaboration for effective resolution of customer queries as well as for internal business matters.

Cloud CRM

TTBS’ Cloud CRM has a host of attributes to optimise your business relationships with both current and prospective customers. By giving end-to-end information on them, it facilitates the designing of special offers for profitable and loyal buyers.

The software records all interactions between customers and the business while also maintaining a database of the actual transactions. Such details help you to understand the efficacy of particular campaigns and how often the leads get converted into sales.

With its pre-sales, sales and post-sales modules, the TCS iON-based Cloud CRM can be used to manage opportunities, get 360° views of purchase habits, execute better field force activities and build networks of loyal customers to accelerate business growth. It also brings a case management section for faster resolution of complaints. Furthermore, it lets you automate routine tasks such as sending birthday greetings and subscription renewal reminders to customers.

Being a hosted CRM product, the app is simple to use and is backed by round-the-clock support from TTBS. Its value-for-money pricing, coupled with a host of useful features, makes it an apt choice for any customer-centric retail enterprise.

Digital Survey

Whether you are a large retail brand with an omnichannel presence or an independent family-owned retail business, it is always worthwhile to know your customers better and incorporate their feedback in designing sales and marketing strategies. That’s where TTBS’ Digital Survey helps.

Our TCS iON-powered Digital Survey has readymade templates in multiple languages to create and publish customer opinion polls instantly. It can collect any number of responses through web portals, mobiles and messaging applications. You can also customise the surveys for your brand identity with logos and banners.

As a retailer, you can use the TTBS Digital Survey to:

- Measure customer satisfaction levels

- Understand the needs and preferences of your customers

- Gather demographic information before starting a new business branch

- Analyse the efficacy of your offers and pricing plans vis-à-vis your competitors

The tool has robust analytical capabilities with visual data presentation for the lucid understanding of opinions, reactions and reviews gathered from a study.

Online Fee Collector

Online retailers who offer special membership services to their regular customers can use the TTBS Online Fee Collector app to streamline their revenue collection while also giving customers a secure channel to pay for their subscriptions.

Habitual online buyers today are quite willing to join programs such as Amazon Prime, which entitle them to bigger discounts, free delivery of products, cashback offers, coupons for other services and privileged access to exclusive deals. They do not mind paying a monthly/annual fee to avail of the membership.

The Online Fee Collector enables you to collect such recurring charges for your schemes with a zero-touch approach. It can be easily integrated with your website or mobile app, and customers can make payments directly into your bank accounts without sharing their details with third-party mobile wallets.

A user-friendly interface gives customers all essential information on payable amounts and due dates. And as the business manager, you do not need to track the due dates, thanks to the auto-follow-ups generated by the smart app.

TTBS’ Online Fee Collector is secure, easy to use, cost-effective and a time-saver with its automation abilities.

Making CRM future-ready for retailers

Retail is the biggest customer-facing domain wherein your business growth depends on your abilities to understand, engage and retain your customers. The CRM tools devised by Tata Tele Business Services help you in strategic segmentation of buyers and meeting their demands with adapted approaches. They also reduce your customer service expenses and enhance your organisation’s digital transformation journey, which is the way forward in all industries.

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