Key Challenges in Implementing Business Connectivity Solutions

Planning to implement an innovative connectivity solution for your business? There can be several roadblocks in the process! Check out five key challenges businesses commonly face when trying to implement a new connectivity solution.

Connectivity is now crucial to businesses of every size across every industry globally. Any problem concerning the connectivity can easily jeopardise business operations and result in significant losses. Fortunately, there are now several innovative connectivity solutions to help businesses experience seamless connectivity.

However, while there are now a host of business connectivity solutions, implementing them is not always easy due several reasons. If you are planning to upgrade to a better solution for business connectivity, these are five problems you are likely to face

1. Problems with Integration
Many new technologies and systems are such that they are not compatible with older applications or systems. With all of your data and business processes relying on older systems, upgrading to an incompatible system can result in problems. When you are looking for a connectivity solution, ensure that you take your current systems into account to make the right decision.

2. Security Risks
Hackers are now more sophisticated than ever, and businesses of every size are currently on their target. With all your trade secrets and confidential data stored in your current systems, you need to be well aware of the security risks when implementing a new business solution. Prefer solutions that offer efficient security, or invest in other IT security solutions to keep your data and business safe.

3. Device Compatibility
Apart from ensuring that your current systems and applications are compatible with the new connectivity solution, it would be best if you also consider the fact that many different types of devices need to match the solution too. With the rising popularity of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), your employees might be using a host of devices to connect to the business network. Do plan this thoroughly before investing to avoid discrepancies in future.

4. High Cost
For many businesses that want to implement a better connectivity solution, the high investment is a serious hurdle. The more innovative and more secure a solution is, the higher is the expense. Before starting to browse through the options that suit your requirements, make sure that you first understand how much you can invest. Several highly affordable yet powerful solutions are also available to help you improve your business connectivity

5. Dealing with Multiple Service Providers
Often, a business trying to upgrade to a better connectivity solution is required to work with multiple service providers. For instance, they may have a different provider for voice services and another one for storage and data services. This can make the whole process of managing service providers complex and time-consuming. Look for a single service provider or solution that provides access to all the different services that you need.

SmartOffice from Tata Tele Business Services is a single all-powerful connectivity solution to provide data, voice, storage and apps services to organisations. Easy to deploy, the managed service offers reliable bandwidth and eliminates the need for businesses to work with multiple service providers or systems. The innovative solution is future-proof and highly affordable as it does not require you to incur any AMC or Cap-Ex charges.

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