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LBS is no longer perceived to be just a feature but has become a necessary business tool for enterprises

Looking back in time, Location Based Services were a boon to the commercial industry, showcasing abilities of detecting real-time location and geo-information. However, the commercial sector could not fully explore the potential of Location Based Services . With recent technological advances in the field of technology and the onset of the BYOD phenomenon, the business sector has steadily unearthed the significance of Location Based Services , and the value proposition it brings to businesses.

Location Based Services (LBS) is no longer perceived to be just a feature but has become a necessary business tool for companies especially within industries like automobiles, hospitality, banking and logistics. With increasing need for Location Based Services within the enterprise landscape, let’s understand the benefits it brings to the table and it’s applications in today’s world.

A Location Based service utilises sensors which are embedded within devices, to detect location and access geo-data or information anytime, anywhere.

Applications of LBS in enterprises

Enterprises can align their requirements and necessities with the functions and capabilities of Location Based Services . Here are some ways in which enterprises can leverage the benefits of Location Based technologies.

Boosting enterprise productivity

Enterprises are looking for ways to keep a track of their assets, workforce and data. LBS can be used to ensure data security, location-mapping various resources in transit and monitoring work-force. Workforce management is an LBS feature which helps businesses manage their workforce through real-time assignments, and to monitor remote employees.

Mobilise transit operations

Anything critical that leaves the organisation, be it an employee, data or an asset can be tracked in real-time across locations. Enterprises involved in physically transmitting large amounts of crucial information or precious assets can rest assured, if they deploy LBS. Embedded sensors on cargo or employee devices, can easily grant access to the current location and the route taken. Deployment of Location Based Services such as asset and fleet tracking, can enable enterprises to conduct vast transit operations with additional features of tracking fuel consumption and average speed.

Monitoring and evaluating

Location Based Services provide analytics, business intelligence and emergency/crisis management as tools to optimise and increase the efficiency of businesses.

Enhancing employee experience

Remote employees and on premise employees can easily detect each other’s locations to conduct meetings. LBS installed on individually owned devices can enable employees to conduct business from anywhere. This not only improves efficiency but also saves time, as most of the functions are mobilised.

With evolving times of mobility, LBS is surely here to stay. LBS opens an array of opportunities for businesses to not only optimise internal functioning but also increase customer satisfaction and employee experience. In order to stay ahead in the digital race, enterprises must opt for a comprehensive LBS with relevant benefits and seamless deployment.

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