Smart Internet Leased Line: Remote Access to Speedy and Secure Connectivity for BFSI Companies

Feb 2021 | Article

remote access to speedy and secure connectivity for bfsi companies

Summary:For BFSI companies running huge data operations like sending bulky files, making video calls and using cloud-based applications, it is essential to have reliable and secure data service. Smart Internet Leased Line is a managed data connectivity offering by TTBS that enables remote access to dedicated carrier-grade connectivity without requiring additional investments in costly routers and hardware.

High-speed, security and scalable connectivity are key expectations of any BFSI business when it subscribes to an Internet service. As the industry adopts cloud remote accesibility for faster digital transformation, dependence on reliable data solutions will only increase.

Most corporate workers across industries now work remotely. They need a robust channel that keeps them connected to their enterprise application in office and internal collaboration tools used by their teams.

With latency and packet loss issues, as well as capped bandwidth and slow upload speeds, regular broadband connections do not meet the requirements of BFSI companies. They need the dedicated and secure data service of an Internet Leased Line (ILL).

Having provided data connectivity solutions to organisations for years, Tata Tele Business Services has made it feasible for businesses to give their employees remote access to ILL.

At a time when work-from-home is the new norm and multiple transactions are remotely accessible TTBS Smart Internet Leased Line is just what BFSI companies need.

Here’s how our industry-first solution helps them:

Zero CapEx, plug & play solution with last-mile reach

Smart ILL is a ready-to-use connectivity solution that is fully installed by the TTBS team at the users’ premises. BFSI companies simply need to subscribe to this managed service. Post-deployment, their employees can connect instantly through individual user IDs and passwords.

As a zero-CapEx tool for the end-user, Smart Internet Leased Line not only helps enterprises save costs but also enables more efficient business continuity. With last-mile reach to the remotest of locations, it is a cost-effective and dependable Internet solution.

Dedicated Internet access carrying uncontended bandwidth

Even though it is a ‘remote’ connectivity solution, Smart Internet Leased Line retains all the benefits of dedicated ILL service. It is a direct connection between TTBS and authorised users, enabling them to transfer and share data efficiently.

With Smart ILL, it becomes easy for BFSI companies to handle data flux in their online operations. Usage of a data-heavy application can be catered by bandwidth of up to 500 MBPS for seamless support of their tasks.

Symmetric upload and download speeds

With Smart Internet Leased Line, a BFSI organisation need not fret about the slow uploads that delay their data transfers. The symmetrical speed connection provides for a robust Internet experience that is also ideal for messaging applications such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Google Meet that organisations are frequently using for internal communication with work-from-home models.

Carrier-grade connectivity

As a remote access solution, Smart Internet Leased Line is thoroughly tested and highly reliable. It performs noticeably better than the data connectivity solutions available in consumer markets.

High level of security

Banks, traditional NBFCs and fintech companies depend on the Internet and need infallible security to safeguard their data and transactions from cybercrimes. Being a dedicated connection, Smart ILL supports them in meeting such parameters.

Optimised with appropriate firewall settings, our managed ILL eliminates online risks for users. And for stronger regulatory compliance, it comes with provider-provisioned VPN.

Future-ready and scalable

The Smart Internet Leased Line solution keeps upgrading itself with the business that subscribes to it. If a BFSI company scales its operations and/or adds more employees across teams, it simply needs to buy more licenses will be offered to all additional users.

SLA-backed managed service with unbeatable service uptime

TTBS offers a market-leading service uptime of 99.5% backed by a service-level agreement (SLA). Also, because Smart Internet Leased Line is a managed service, we provide instant remediation in the unlikely event of a technical issue.

Administration panel for complete visibility

While employees access a secure and speedy Internet connection for work, IT administrators at BFSI companies can view network performance round-the-clock on a web-based dashboard. It helps them analyse data usage and stay assured that the company gets an efficient Internet service that is integral to its business continuity and customer experience.

If you need a private data connectivity service to connect the remote branches of your bank, insurance company or any other financial service organisation, Smart Internet Leased Line’s pay-per-use model will help you link them cost-effectively and is your go-to solution for bringing work-from-home employees on an enterprise-grade online network.

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