Remote and Secure Data Connectivity for Businesses: Managed ILL and Smart VPN


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Remote and Secure-Data Connectivity for Businesses Managed ILL and Smart VPN

Summary: Digital technologies have moved to the frontlines as the world battles against coronavirus. From healthcare and banks to schools and companies of all sizes, organisations need secure data connectivity solutions to maintain their business continuity. To fulfil this essential and now urgent need of enterprises, Tata Tele Business Services has launched the Smart Internet and Smart VPN that offer the benefits of an Internet Leased Line and MPLS network while working from remote locations.

The outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted the work-life and the general lifestyle of people in ways that no one could have imagined. It halted public transportation and resulted in massive closure of shops, factories, schools and offices. In a dismal environment, the organisations that aimed at business continuity had to plan ways that would enable their workforce to stay productive without visiting the office.

Even after India entered the Unlock phase, the work-from-home trend continues to dominate the corporate world. Rising cases of infections and uncertainty about the future have impelled many organisations to let their employees work remotely for a few more months. Some are even planning to shift a majority of their workforce to a permanent work-from-home system.¹

To fuel operations from remote locations for hundreds (or thousands) of workers, these companies need secure connectivity solutions. They have to ensure that their people can access the software, applications and custom work tools from their homes as smoothly as they do from the central workplace.

A remote access solution should also:

  • Be quick and easy to deploy
  • Ensure data security
  • Support multiple devices and operating systems
  • Be easy to scale
  • Remain cost-effective

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) has consistently tailored and upgraded its digital tools to suit the changing needs of businesses. At a time when connectivity is so critical, we are helping our clients provide remote access to their employees through Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Internet Leased Line (ILL).

We call our ILL-based remote working service Smart Internet Lease Line. An industry-first offering, it provides a managed and secure remote access to your employees working from home.

Smart Internet is an always-on plug & play connectivity service that eliminates the inconvenience of router deployment, configuration and management. It works on both desktop and mobile devices across different operating systems.

Your teams can, therefore, connect seamlessly to the office network from their own PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. With the ease of scalability, it also helps you bring more workers on a network whenever required.

No concerns of security

When the COVID-19 lockdown resulted in the closure of offices across the country, and organisations had to ask their employees to work from home, a primary concern for them was the security of confidential business data.

It was essential to maintain the privacy of the company network and defend all IT assets from malware phishing attempts and other cyber attacks.

This is why TTBS devised the Smart Internet with managed security. It offers the benefits of a virtual private network (VPN) by masking the business IP address, encrypting online identity and protecting all data on the network from bad actors.

The firewall security efficiency of TTBS Smart Internet is more than 99%, and service uptime is assured with an SLA of 99.5%.

From service-based enterprises and educational institutions to manufacturing companies and logistics organisations, any business that needs its employees to work from home or remote locations can use the Smart Internet. The platform provides all the advantages of an ILL and VPN for secure accessibility to a shared network from geographically dispersed areas.

Cost benefits

With its cost-effectiveness, Smart Internet can be used by enterprises of any size. As a zero CapEx solution, it does not involve any upfront investments in hardware and, in fact, reduces the costs of network operations.

The total bill amount comprises:

  • A fixed monthly amount as per the bandwidth and speed availed with the ILL connection
  • Remote access license charges as per the number of users for whom the service is availed

Does your business need a remote network access solution with Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)?

For organisations that need their employees to connect to critical enterprise applications and be on a common office network while working from home, TTBS recommends the Smart VPN. It brings the advantages of MPLS connection, partitioning a company’s network from the public Internet network. Consequently, the workforce gets secure data connectivity and can share data without the risks of hackers prying into their online activities.

The Smart VPN for remote access can reach any location and is vendor-agnostic for last-mile connectivity through wired and wireless devices. It is a scalable, cost-effective and managed service that comes with standard SLA of 99.5%. The ease of setup and compatibility with all popular operating systems such as Windows, Android and iOS make Smart VPN an efficient network connectivity tool for work-from-home employees. It connects over existing Internet services, including wired ADSL broadband and Wi-Fi. There is no need for any additional hardware or special equipment.

The soft client is installed on the employees’ PCs/laptops. To get connected and access their company’s network for professional duties, they simply need to authenticate themselves with user IDs. The MPLS technology also prevents denial of service attacks that might affect pure IP-based networks.

Summing up

A big lesson learnt during the COVID-19 phase is that connectivity matters the most during a crisis. Even when people are sheltering themselves in their homes and practising physical distancing, the links built by the Internet have helped them to maintain business continuity and stay in touch with their families.

Smart Internet and Smart VPN are tailored solutions to keep this online connectivity seamless, reliable and secure. They build the corporate environment that enterprises need to keep fulfilling expectations of their customers, no matter where their employees are working from.

To know more about the Smart Internet and to order new licenses for your company, please call the TTBS team at 1800-266-1800.


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