SmartOffice®: A Turning Point for Businesses



Every organisation today needs flexible voice, data and storage solutions to keep its employees connected and to give customers seamless access to applications that are custom designed for better service. The challenge, however, is to manage them efficiently and cost-effectively in a multi-vendor environment. SmartOffice® has been devised to address this problem while also making the connectivity solution more versatile and affordable.

For reliable connectivity between their employees and with their customers, enterprises have several options as regards network solutions. Vendors in this domain are increasingly offering data services, voice call plans, cloud computing packages for data storage, custom software design and security solutions at competitive prices.

Nevertheless, the issue of dealing with different service providers makes such offers less attractive to organisations.

Keeping a record of their service quality, paying bills on different dates, scheduling maintenance, as well as contacting a vendor if there is a problem, can be time-consuming and may also lead to significant productivity loss for a business.

Enterprises, especially start-ups, therefore look for integrated, end-to-end technology solutions to support their business vision. With a robust network foundation that collates their voice, data, video and storage solutions, they can also reduce their telecommunication costs.

Integrated voice and data services optimise the usage of bandwidth on a network to deliver call/video quality and ensure quick data transfers that businesses need to stay competitive in their markets. It was with these parameters in mind that the idea of ‘single box office’ or ‘office-in-box’ was conceptualised.

As a bundled and customised data solution for organisations, an office-in-a-box solution can meet the unique needs of any business. When such a package is procured from an established and trusted service provider, the subscribing business is also entitled to 24x7 mission-critical support along with comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs). This implies that business continuity is assured at all times, and enterprises are free from worries of productivity losses and customer complaints in the event of a sudden contingency. The network is maintained in top order by the service provider, and connectivity is restored in minutes if at all there is a drop.

Cost control with a single box network connectivity setup
Office-in-a-box is a smart solution for any business that wants to minimise its CapEx for connectivity setups. The service provider only charges a fixed subscription fee to be paid monthly/quarterly/yearly and takes the responsibility of setting up the entire infrastructure for this data solution. There is no need to buy expensive hardware from different vendors. There is a considerable saving in terms of OpEx too as the business is not required to pay any maintenance charges.

An all-in-one solution that is also future ready
At a time when businesses, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), must have cutting-edge data, voice, storage and custom application solutions, an office-in-box is a critical tool that packs them together for optimal usage. It enables seamless web conferences, VoIP telephony and cloud storage, and can give employees access to enterprise apps from anywhere. The solution is also kept future-ready to imbibe new technologies for better networking and collaboration. Users, therefore, need not fret about obsolescence.

Dedicated bandwidth
A single box office network is customised with dedicated bandwidth that can be efficiently utilised across diverse applications. If someone is downloading/uploading a data-heavy application from the Internet, the service for other users on VoIP calls will not be impacted. High-speed connectivity is always ensured in this managed service.

Security against cyber threats and malware
Subscribing to antivirus software services and installation of firewalls is an additional expense for businesses, and they cannot risk their operations by using conventional protection measures. When they have an office-in-a-box, firewalls and security apps come integrated with the connectivity solution.

At Tata Tele Business Services, we call our office-in-a-box a SmartOffice®. It is a comprehensively planned connectivity solution that more and more organisations now ask for. The proprietary features of SmartOffice® include:

  • Single setup for Voice and Data connectivity
  • Support for IP and analogue phones
  • Integrated Wi-Fi, firewall, router and DHCP server
  • Plug and play box with web-based GUI
  • Compatibility with open source smartphone applications and desktop clients to save upon IP phone expenses

Our solution has industry-first SLA-backed Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for advanced voice apps. And it is a reasonably priced, easy-to-use, reliable service for enterprises that do not want to be burdened by the complexities of a multi-vendor setup.

If you wish to subscribe to this service, that can be a significant turning point for your organisation, feel free to connect with us on 1800 266 1800.

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