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SMS solutions are highly customisable and may be rapidly deployed

As businesses expand, their need to reach a broader and more targeted audience in a cost effective manner does as well. An SMS-based solution provides a scalable and cost effective means of communicating with a large target audience.

A marketing tool

Almost all brands invest in SMS as a communication tool to drive their business forward. As businesses look to improving a customer’s experience with their brands, there is a definite need for this service. Prompt interaction and responses can lead to improved experiences and as SMS is a seemingly instant solution, the chances of a positive interaction are high.

Customer interaction

Almost all mobile devices in the market today are SMS enabled. This makes SMS a great means of reaching out to large audiences as part of a mobile interaction strategy. For enterprises that are attempting to reach out to potential new consumers, the power of bulk SMS can prove to be a blessing. The ability to customise communication real-time also exists and the entire process is carried out in a transparent and efficient manner.

Interactive SMS

Interactive SMS is a form of evolution in technology which allows for businesses to have a two-way communication with their customers. For example, a bank can reach out to a customer who has just contacted their call centre with an issue via interactive SMS. They can check whether the customer’s issue was dealt with adequately, whether they want to escalate the customer’s input, to a senior authority or if they have any specific feedback which could help improve customer experience.

SMS in India, and around the world is strictly governed by privacy laws. Businesses need to know what limitations exist, and what can and cannot be done by them to engage with their audience. While SMS offers a great means to communicate with a customer, overusing the service could lead to fatigue and dissatisfaction. Today, most business (especially those conducting transactions) utilise SMS solutions to notify and interact with customers. SMS solutions are highly customisable and may be rapidly deployed.

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