Stay Connected to Digital Marketing Clients Abroad through International Bridging Service

Stay Connected to Digital Marketing Clients Abroad through International Bridging Service

Summary: For a small digital marketing agency, telecommunicating with global clients through the standard ISD facility can entail a substantial operational expense. Employees will be hesitant to call internationally from their personal phones, and any misuse can be difficult to track even if the organisation agrees to offer them an allowance for such calls. International Bridging Service offered by Tata Tele Business Services resolves such concerns.

The compound annual growth rate for the Indian digital advertisement market has been calculated at 33.5%. India also leads in providing online marketing services to companies across the world. While the Covid-19 crisis has disrupted the business of a few major BPOs in the country, work in most digital companies, including the small and medium enterprises, goes on, thanks to the flexibility of remote working freedom for most employees.

If you belong to this dynamic industry and are serving clients abroad, regular communication with them is essential to bring more successful results for their projects. You must have an efficient telecommunication channel that can be used to make international calls with optimum voice quality and gives your employees the ability to connect with clients from any location.

The International Bridging Service (IBS) devised by Tata Tele Business Services is a communication solution that enables businesses to call parties at any global location without using ISD services. The IBS also builds a centralised and cost-effective bridge facility for business conferencing needs.

Key Features of IBS

Based on a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and toll-free service, the IBS is a bespoke solution tailored for regular communication between an enterprise and its global clients.

Its top features include:

Enables anywhere-access as a hosted solution – You can connect to any international long-distance number using the IBS. The hosted virtual server for the service is located in our secure cloud data centre and provides users with a consistent calling experience through any web browser on the desktop or mobile phone. No physical infrastructure is required for the service. Multiple users can be included on a call via the conferencing option provided in the handsets.

Authenticates users via number whitelisting/account ID/PIN – When a caller dials the given IBS toll-free number from her/his phone, the call terminates on the TTBS cloud and is verified via an account ID or PIN. The phone numbers for authorised users are whitelisted, and on successful validation, the user gets a callback. The required international number is then dialled out from the cloud via the user’s PRI and connects her/him to the concerned entity.

Connects to fixed ISD numbers without manual dialling –

The customer has a choice to restrict calling to a fixed set of numbers to control cost and prevent misuse of international calling. This is useful when companies need to call a predefined number, like an audio bridge or an overseas branch number.

Builds usage reports – With a record of all the calls made by your employees for work, you can check the exact details in an organised dashboard. It will show you the dates on which the calls were placed, their duration, and the numbers called. The reports help to ensure that the facility is being used only for professional reasons.

Comes with 24*7 support – As a solution hosted in a virtual server owned by TTBS, the IBS comes with round-the-clock support for your business. You and your employees can connect with international clients at any time in your or their time zone, without any issues. A crystal clear voice quality on the line is always assured, and we troubleshoot any unexpected downtime within promised timelines.

With such features, the top benefits of the TTBS IBS are:

  • The convenience of making international calls from any device without ISD service or additional mobile apps
  • Lower total costs than standard ISD service even with frequent calling
  • Single bill for all international calls
  • Ability to track and audit calling expenses
  • Flexibility to include multiple users via conferencing option for discussion on a project

When you have to call your clients abroad frequently for business, and using the expensive ISD facility is not a feasible option, the International Bridging Service is a flexible and user-friendly alternative. With the IBS, you also have more control over the global numbers that are called by your employees from their individual locations and handsets.

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