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Voice services have always been integral to enhancing communication and business interactions

Business communication has evolved over time. Modern day business communication have streamlined processes and these aid in building experiences for customers. Voice services have always been integral to enhancing communication and business interactions, by providing a direct point for anyone to connect with the business.

The telephone (in its various forms and enhancements) has been used by businesses to communicate with customers, and internally by employees. Within the company, speaking to an individual on a one-to-one basis can help solve complex problems, boost productivity, and reduce turnaround times as it allows for instant answers to queries. Externally, customers can call up service providers and manufacturers with enquiries and questions regarding products or services that they have purchased and quickly resolve problems.

Businesses require fixed voice solutions

In the business world today, technologies such as PRI and SIP Trunk allow for businesses to have multiple lines of communication with internal and external stakeholders. PRI lines support up to 30 simultaneous connections while SIP Trunk lines allow for up to 1500 connections. SIP Trunk lines additionally offer businesses simultaneous data and video calling capabilities as well. This makes SIP Trunk a great option for large businesses that want to consolidate voice, data and video calling through a single service provider. Hosted services such as Centrex allow for a fully hosted telecommunications service to be present in office premises without any capital expenditure.

Mobile voice at work

The utility of the mobile phone as a means of communication is continuously evolving and ever present. Today, smart phones allow employees to connect remotely with their colleagues, while improved network connectivity ensures that they are able to constantly stay in touch wherever they may be. With cost of mobile communications becoming ever more economical, making a quick call to colleagues ensures turnaround times on all projects are condensed.

These are exciting times for businesses, and with the evolution to 4G wireless networks and expansion of high speed terrestrial networks, the prospects for voice based communications for businesses look very bright.

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