Enhance Your Business Performance with AI Chatbots

Customer service is one of the most crucial areas in business, especially in the telecom sector where services like connectivity, cloud-based solutions, collaboration, IoT and marketing can tip the scales for the organisation. Telecom companies that prioritise delivering engaging customer experiences maintain quick responses with appropriate resolutions of the customer queries as their primary objective.

To stay ahead of the curve, telecom services need to keep on their toes 24x7, attending and addressing countless customer queries, website visits and technical support concerns. This requires considerable investment in deploying staff for multiple shifts so that the customer service can be delivered uninterruptedly. The monotonous task of talking to customers and repeating the same kind of information round the clock also drains the energy and time of the support staff.

Understanding Chatbots
To overcome the conventional problems in serving customers round the clock with efficiency, telecom sectors are briskly replacing their human resources with chatbots. Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled computer software that simulates the human interactions via text or audio. Chatbots not only ease out the customer service operations with enhanced performances but also relieve the businesses from spending substantial finances in hiring, upskilling and retaining the support staff for routine business operations.

Researchers predict that by 2025, the chatbot market size will reach $1.25 billion, with a CAGR of 24.3% boosted by adoption of chatbots that leverage AI, IoT and APIs.

Businesses are increasingly leveraging the AI-enabled chatbots to automate their customer service. Chatbots act as virtual assistants and contribute immensely to improving customer service by simulating conversations with humans. A chatbot is programmed to converse with humans via textual or voice-based methods without letting the customers know that they are talking to a computer. With 24x7 availability and access to a widened array of functionality and information, chatbots can outperform the human resources with accuracy in providing information and expeditious interactions.
This article walks you through diverse aspects in which AI chatbots can contribute to business performance and growth.

Prompt response
Unlike humans, chatbots don’t need breaks for rest or sleep. They are computer programs, and they have the ability to immediately address customer concerns regardless of the hour. It is crucial for every firm to respond to their customer queries with minimum response time. Chatbots with their prompt responses help businesses to improve their customer support and experience.

Improved readiness
Chatbots are efficient in responding to volumes of requests with similar responses, which makes them better than human resources since they respond perfectly to frequently asked repetitive questions. Additionally, unlike human agents, AI chatbots are programmed with all the necessary information, saving much of the time spent in searching for answers. This feature allows live agents to focus on more productive tasks for improved readiness and contributing more to the business. Researches have proved that using chatbots can significantly reduce service time and bring down operating costs by nearly 66 per cent.

Reduced errors
Cognitive AI technology helps chatbots to interpret queries and responses of the customers efficiently, thereby providing more accurate automated answers. The automation, in turn, reduces the chances of errors that are usually made by human agents because of wrong interpretation of customer concerns.

Enhanced engagement with customers
Chatbots can interact with customers at any time of the day on any issue, from general queries to support for troubleshooting. Chatbots are proficient in engaging customers with friendly conversations. These virtual assistants can provide relevant and accurate information requested by customers and can persuade them to stay on the company website much longer.

Business-centric customer interactions
Human agents typically indulge in passive interactions by responding to customer enquiries only. AI bots can be used to begin proactive business-centric conversations by informing them about promotions and sales offers. AI-based virtual assistants can also be optimised to advise customers to visit the website, product pages, blog entries, video tutorials and images for more customer engagement.

Performing business transactions
Chatbots can also complete diverse fundamental business transactions such as hotel booking, funds transfer and buying travel tickets, among others. AI chatbots are much in demand by retail companies. You have likely interacted with a chatbot to find a food store nearby or to order flowers and gifts.

AI chatbots are capable of replacing humans in customer service and similar business operations. They can be used to accelerate business efficacies with augmented sales and marketing functions, while scaling down the cost of customer engagement and service. Chatbots are transforming the way businesses operate, and it is time to deploy AI for companies aiming at higher performance and profitability.
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