What to Look For in an MPLS VPN Service Provider


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An increasing number of service providers now offer multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) with virtual private network (VPN) service. With so many different options, how can a business select the best? Here are some tips to make the right decision.

Connectivity relies on the flow of speed and traffic. To maximise the network connectivity and meet the needs of their server and business processes, a business must optimise the flow of speed and traffic. Many businesses now rely on MPLS-based VPN services to experience improved speed, traffic and security. Easier connectivity, scalability, outsourcing the routing needs and customised service-level agreements are some of the top benefits of MPLS-based VPN.

However, to experience these benefits at their best, it is crucial for a business to pick their MPLS VPN service provider very carefully. These are some of the factors that you should take into consideration to make the right selection:

1. Understanding current business needs

To pick the right MPLS VPN service provider, begin by first understanding your current business needs. Focus on factors such as whether or not you need wired or wireless, whether you will be using multiple types of devices, and how the technologies and devices would be managed.

If you are looking for flexible solutions, prefer service providers that offer wired/wireless technologies and are compatible with many different types of devices.

2. Company expertise

Working with multiple technologies and devices, while also providing world-class security, is something that not every service provider can offer. To experience the real potential of MPLS VPN service, prefer companies that have an excellent reputation in the industry.

The company should have vast experience and a team of dedicated experts. This ensures that right from the deployment of the solution to its functioning and troubleshooting, every aspect is carefully managed to help you experience enhanced convenience.

3. Monitoring and reporting

With the rising cases of data and network breaches, it is also essential for the service provider to have implemented high-end security solutions. These security solutions should work in tandem with your security measures to protect your business from malware, ransomware and other types of attacks.

Some MPLS VPN service providers offer managed services in that they report the connection performance in real time and also regularly monitor the connection proactively to minimise security threats.

4. Availability of other services

If you are also looking for other products or services, such as workforce management, cloud, Internet leased lines (ILL) or IoT solutions, it is better to look for a reliable service provider that offers a plethora of services along with MPLS VPN. This foresight will eliminate the need for you to work with multiple service providers, allowing you to save time and efforts which can be better spent on helping your business grow.

Tata Tele Business Services MPLS VPN with Secure Connect

Businesses looking for comprehensive solutions can opt for MPLS VPN services offered by Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS). These are available with Secure Connect, a bridge that allows businesses to have a dedicated and private connection with any of the top cloud service providers.

Along with all the valuable benefits of MPLS VPN, the availability of Secure Connect ensures faster data transfers, improved security and utmost ease when shifting your private network to the cloud.

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