Why is it important to have a well designed Document Management System?

Work together better with simple and secure document collaboration

A Document Management System (DMS) is used for viewing, sharing, managing, searching and archiving large volumes of data and documents secured in a digital format. Every gamut of the document life-cycle is addressed with features such as versioning, document auditing, retrieval, access control and workflow collaboration. Many organisations face the challenge of keeping their documents organised and updated. Regular occurrences such as simple misplacement, accidental deletion or even failure to save an updated file are all too common. Moreover, the constant overflow of reports, excel sheets and a number of project documentation in email inboxes definitely calls for trouble.

Anytime access, convenience, availability, self-help, transaction status updates and competitive pricing, are crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction for a digital technology based product or service. It isn’t enough to create a product, develop the supply and distribution chains. Businesses need to innovate constantly to gain the upper hand on their competitors and to stay relevant in the environment they’re operating in. Digital disruption gives business decision makers the opportunity to constantly notch up service levels efficiently, to maximise customer delight and association with their brand.

An easier way to tackle the issues of dealing with multiple documents is by using Document Management System (DMS). It stores the document in a single repository, so you will never have to worry about finding the right document when you need it. Having the DMS software in place promotes easier and quicker collaboration among the employees. A simple and secure document collaboration effort builds effective communication and better relationships among peers. Teams can work together, discuss and share content in real-time with multiple locations making it a hub of activity. This also means that employees spend less time managing documents, searching through email, chasing approvals and instead focus on productivity and delivering exceptional results. You can streamline the entire document management process across the organisation including sharing and collaborating with customers and partners. The biggest advantage is having all documents in one central location where you don’t even have to control the document versions manually. The automatic version control keeps everyone on the same page by always providing access to the most current version of the file.

Teams can collaborate and keep the conversation connected with the use of comment streams. Intelligent controls allow you to manage access and set permission levels for teams inside and outside the organisation. Be in full control over who can view your important documents. A real-time activity stream is displayed on a personal dashboard that makes checking tasks much easier. The system also allows you to confirm approvals ensuring you are well within the deadline. Find the file you need quickly and also get suggestions and recommendations on documents that are most used or most important to you for that particular project.

Enhance collaboration by integrating the DMS with your existing apps, network drives, content management tools and even file-sharing sites. To be able to work together better it is essential to collaborate seamlessly. DMS solutions can transform the way you work with data while maintaining control over files and documents your business needs. Work together better with simple and secure document collaboration.

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