Why Is MPLS a great way to connect to the Cloud?


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Cloud based applications and services have typically replaced all premise based apps.

That’s because it offers improved levels of connectivity and private network characteristics, keeping your critical data safe over the Internet. In addition, the reliability and performance of your network are drastically enhanced.

There are multiple reasons why an MPLS virtual private network (VPN) is a great way to connect to the cloud while securing your connections. Let’s take a deeper look at the topmost reasons that benefit your enterprise.

  • Improved performance & traffic control There are a lot of different applications that get shifted to the cloud, including enterprise applications such as your sales force automation or enterprise resource planning. If you want to prioritise certain types of traffic for select applications, MPLS allows you to do so with a concept known as class of service. This gives you the authority to send the information you think is critical prior to the others. For example, a CEO’s conference call will take priority over an employee’s large file transfer. This also enables you to provide high-quality performance in your organisation.
  • Secure & reliable Your data is much more secure and reliable as the MPLS is carried over a single carrier’s network. In other words, it does not transfer your data across multiple networks like the public internet. Even the level of network security is much higher compared to the Internet Protocol Security. With MPLS, your customers are also assured that their information is safe on the private virtual network.
  • Disaster recovery With MPLS, you can improve your disaster recover model in multiple ways. Your key sites and data centres can be connected to the cloud, which could, in turn, be connected to the other key sites on the network. Even remote sites can be easily and quickly reconnected to back up locations, thus boosting flexibility if you want to expand your applications or cloud services.
  • Cost savings You can customise the applications and configure your network based on your business requirement, thereby reducing your overall cost by 10%-25% when compared to traditional data services such as frame relay or ATM. Another primary benefit of MPLSis its ability to support Quality of Service (QoS), especially if they are rolling out voice and video, thereby saving costs up to 40% network-wide. MPLS is the wave of the future. The time to migrate to MPLS is now.

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